Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lesson Day!

It's been a pretty fun filled day. It started off a bit rocky with a temper tantrum being pulled by Ms. Iz. She decided she did NOT want to clean up the dollhouse toys before breakfast. Which, to be fair, I don't make them to every morning even though I intend to. Some days we are running late, or I'm being lazy ect. But when I'm not consistent it back fires for sure! I ended up skipping the clean up in favor of making breakfast. At this point she was too hungry and if I pushed the clean up then nothing would have gotten done. But breakfast turned into a big temper tantrum too, and to just "reset" the morning I allowed them to eat breakfast while watching a show. Probably not the BEST solution, but I knew she just needed to eat and get calmed down. Luckily Maddie just was happy and sort of did her own thing while I was dealing with Izzie.

Sure enough, after their show, Izzie asked if she could cuddle with me for a while. So we piled up on the couch and had a big cuddle/discussion. We decided to spread smiles instead of frowns and to start we'd go clean up the family room. This time around the clean up went super fast and pleasant so we went downstairs to play and learn. We did our Circle Time activity which the girls and I both have so much fun doing. We talk about the days of the week, the date, the months, the weather and sing a few songs. We read a short book that focuses on a letter sound (today was the short "e" sound.) And we finish with the Pledge of Allegiance.

After Circle Time, they got out their playdoh and ended up playing for an hour and half! I wanted to do a lesson before lunch, but my sister, who is a Montessori teacher suggested that when the girls are really into an activity to let them play it out until they are done. So I tabled the lesson and just let them have fun with the playdoh. They were making cookies and ice cream cones for Teddy and Bunny. Afterwards they helped me clean up without any issues and we had lunch. After lunch I pulled out my lesson. They've been excited about doing addition lately so I went with that. I used the Melissa and Doug number magnets we had and some beads that Mema gave us and we counted out a few simple equations. We also practiced counting to 20 by 1's, 2's and 5's. They did not really like counting by 2's or 5's because it wasn't "right." But I put the bug in their head about it and we focused on just counting to 20. Izzie wanted us to count to 20 about 4 times before she was ready to move on to the next part of the lesson!!

After our lesson they put on a dancing show for me. They watch So You Think You Can Dance with me sometimes and they were mimicking some of the dancers moves. Maddie was really getting into the arm movements and Izzie was all about the leaps and jumps. I wanted them to calm down a bit after dancing before nap so I offered them some stories but they just wanted to play quietly with this magnetic maze that Nanna bought them for Christmas last year. The cool thing about that maze is how much imagination it sparks! The girls talk about different parts of the maze as different parts of their town and the pathways are streets. Today, the big square in the middle was Daddy's work, but yesterday it was Target. Then one corner is the grocery store and another is a park, etc. So the actual maze is secondary, the balls are the people. It ended up being a great buy!
 Maddie showing the cookies and ice cream playdoh she made for bunny.


 Izzie and Maddie.
Maddie and Izzie using teamwork to bring me a stool to sit on for our lesson.

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Numbers. They counted to twenty with no problems!

One of our math problems.
 Maddie and Izzie counting out Four Beads each to make Eight.

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