Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm back!

I know, it's never been this long between posts! I feel like the past few weeks have been a whirl wind, but in a good way. It of course started July 24th when I got the news that Rebeca was going into labor. I loaded up the girls and headed to Bryan, Texas to see my cousins being born. It was a crazy week. The twins were in NICU for 6 days and I stayed in town to help Rebeca as much as I possibly could. My mom came to Bryan in a separate car and she ended up taking care of Maddie and Izzie so I could focus on Rebeca and helping her breastfeed. My girls didn't get to see the new until the very last day, but they didn't mind because they were having F-U-N!!! with Mema and Pepaw (and Nanna.) It was awesome to see them do some of the things I did as a kid. Like enjoy "chocolate toast" and find funny places to "swim." (I used to put a plastic tarp in the creek and fill it up with water as my swimming hole.) They just had fun hanging out and not having a super strict schedule.

By the time we made it back home, I had to start getting ready for my all weekend training. This last weekend I spent at Landmark Education assisting around the Landmark Advance Course. The Assisting Program at :Landmark is a training course in and of itself. At first glance it looks like "volunteer" work, because you aren't getting paid to work. But it really is an "on the court" training course. I love the Assisting Program and I really get a lot out of the time I put into it. We had such a great team and I made some great friends over the weekend. I've taken several opportunities to thank John for the support he provides so I can go off and do these kinds of weekends. He is unconditional love and support and it is wonderful to be able to do things in life that I love and enjoy and know that he is behind me 100%. Not to mention taking on the girls full time for the weekend! (Well almost, they did spend one night at Nanna's, which worked out great for everyone involved!)

I've spent the first couple of days this week getting my bearings from being gone all weekend. (I was home at night, but I left pretty early in the morning Fri, Sat and Sun and I came home way past my normal bedtime!) I took a big long nap on Monday, that is for sure!

As for Maddie and Izzie they've been great. The cloth training panties I bought for night time use have been working pretty great. They do leak some, but not as bad as I first thought they would. And really, even the pull-ups were leaking sometimes. It's nice to have that chunk of the budget back. We've spent a lot of the past few days reading, they are really into books this week. I took them to the library for a new batch of books this morning and we've already read through them all once and some twice! While I was making dinner, Maddie showed me a picture of a bunny she drew. They are really getting good at making the "pieces" of what they are drawing. So I saw a circle with eyes and two long lines for ears and an oval for the body, that sort of thing. Izzie had a fit that she couldn't draw her teddy but after I talked her through what she saw, she did it and she was super proud.

Now here are some photos from our trip to Bryan, sadly I haven't taken too many the past few days. Things are normalizing I think so I should get back to my normally scheduled blogging soon! There are a log of photos... 34 to be exact, and that wasn't even all of the ones I took.

 Maddie, Pepaw and Izzie walking into the hospital to see Rebeca and Darrin.

 Darrin reading to go to the operating room. Even for a natural birth, twin mommies deliver in ORs, just in case.

 Rebeca getting wheeled into the OR ready to push for labor!

 Many, many, many hours later... Unka Darrin is officially a Daddy of twins!

 After not NEARLY enough hours of sleep (I think I got home around 4 am from the hospital) the girls were ready to rock the day. I gave them a breakfast picnic in our bedroom so at least the rest of the house could possibly sleep in a bit.
 Izzie was LOVING access to a flat of strawberries.

 Back at the hospital, Rebecca holding Darian.

 Daylynn in a warming incubator.

 Pepaw now has seven Grandchildren: Amanda (me), Rhonda (my sis), Dustin, Derek, Casey, Darian and Daylynn.

 The girls spent a lot of time on my cousin Casey's trampoline. (Maddie and Izzie.) Mema even joined them at one point, but we made her sit in the middle and not jump. Yes, my 72 year old Mema wanted to play so badly!

 Too tired for a bath, but dirty feet that needed to be washed before bedtime. Maddie thought giving her feet a shower was cool.

 Izzie's turn.

 Morning cuddles with Mema. Maddie, Izzie and Mema.

 Chocolate Toast. I should post this on Frickin Chicken one day. My Mema actually got to eat this for breakfast growing up. It is a homemade chocolate syrup that you dip strips of toast in. Made with raw milk, grass fed butter and cage free chicken eggs, it actually isn't too bad for you, especially if you replaced the sugar with honey or maple syrup.

 Maddie thought it was a pretty cool treat, that's for sure!
 Izzie and Maddie playing a Dora game on the iPad.

 Maddie and Izzie taking a wagon to collect rocks to play with.

 This dappled shadow lawn is my memory of Mema's house. The trees were a HUGE forest and the shop out in back was "miles and miles" away from the main house. It's so touching to see my kids playing in the yard that I spent SO much time in as a kid.

 Izzie and Maddie collecting rocks.


 Maddie cuddling with Pepaw.

 Mema was beyond herself trying to get the girls to "swim" in the ice chest. They finally complied and then we couldn't get them out of them. They LOVED it and spent the last few days "soaking"

 Maddie and Izzie.

 It's and Izzie head!

 A Maddie head!

 One day we had to go out to Avalon to help Unka D get the place ready for a wedding. We straightened things up, picked up random trash, scrubbed the bathrooms, swept the porch that sort of thing. The girls said I worked them "SOOO" hard. Hahaha... yeah, they had fun running around with no fences.

 Darrin and Daylynn.

 Rebecca and Darian.

 Darian and Daylynn getting to go home on July 30th.

 Kelsey the NICU nurse helped us out. She was the best of the nurses!

 All secure and ready to go!

 Maddie and Izzie meeting their new (second) cousins, Darian and Daylynn!

Pepaw holding Darian and Daylynn

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