Friday, August 26, 2011

Culinary Milestone

Today the girls met a culinary milestone. They each got to crack their first egg open and boy were they EXCITED about it! Tonight we are going over to my mom's house to celebrate Chris's birthday and the girls got to help make their Popo's cake. I love cooking with my girls!
Izzie went first. Cracking the egg on a plate turned out to be a good idea, so we could pour the white into the bowl and not waste in any or have a big mess. She hardly noticed that she didn't get it all in the bowl, she was so exicted! Maddie couldn't wait for her turn.

 Maddie cracking her egg open. She got a bit of shell in the bowl, but don't we all at times? We fished it out and were good to go.
Using an electric mixer for the first time. Maddie's doing great! (I'm actually helping hold the mixer because it was a little powerful for their small hands.)

Izzie's turn. Maddie was saying, "It's very loud!"

I told them it was time for the best part. They wanted to know what was better than cracking an egg. Licking the beaters! Yep, that works!

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