Friday, August 12, 2011

Art & Dance

I covered their table with butcher paper and gave them paintbrush markers. They had a great time covering the entire paper with color. Izzie and Maddie.

Izzie methodically filled her entire dolphin in with dots. This is new for her, Maddie is usually the one with patience to be that detailed. I was really proud of her!

 The next time I checked on her, she'd filled the entire dolphin in!

 This is a person that Maddie drew. She didn't say who it was though, but he was a "frowny" person she told me.


 Another person.

 Tonight Maddie and Izzie put on a show for us in front of the fireplace. They sang The Peanut Song, Row Row Row your boat, Twinkle Little Star and a few other favorites. Then they made up a few of their own songs which ended in a HUGE laughing fit.

Maddie jumping during Hey Diddle Diddle when the cow jumped over the moon!

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