Friday, July 8, 2011

Visiting Holly

I took the girls to go visit their newest cousin Holly today! They were both excited to get to see her. Too bad Lucy was back in Muenster with her Grandma, because it would have been cute to have four of the girl cousins together. Dana is doing remarkable, she's already up and walking around the maternity ward. I think I didn't get out of the bed for at least the first two days! Both Maddie and Izzie got to hold Holly for a minute and then we all sat and visited while I got my cuddles in. Then to give Dana some rest, I kidnapped Cody and we went to lunch with the girls. Now the part you really want... more baby photos!
 Maddie holding Holly.

 Izzie holding Holly.

 Izzie, Holly, Amanda, and Maddie. Their baby dolls were the same size as Holly!

 So cute!

I LOVE baby toes!

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