Thursday, July 14, 2011

A trip to the chiropractor

nI hurt my back yesterday by lifting my bicycle. It's not that it is heavy, it was just one of those, turn funny and boom! crippling pain. Okay, well it actually didn't even happen that way either. It was more of a, "Hum, that felt funny." And I didn't think about it again. My bike ride was rough but I hadn't been out for a few nights and even though the sun was down below the horizon the thermometer was reading 101 degrees. By the time I went to bed my back was feeling more uncomfortable and this morning I woke up with that crippling pain I mentioned in the beginning. When I moved, some nerve must have been pinched because I'd get a shock all the way down my leg. No fun, no fun at all. Well the girls had gymnastics today after a two week hiatus and I did not want them to miss it. So I took some pain meds, which I rarely ever take anymore, just to get through the morning.

Luckily my mom had a chiro appointment today at 12:30 and I was able to sweet talk her out of it. I was going to drop the girls off at her house so they wouldn't have to sit at the doctors bored while I got worked on. But when Izzie asked me (quite randomly, I thought) if "Milk was at Lucky Layla"(Lucky Layla Farms is where Nanna gets our milk) and I said yes. Then she said, "So if Nanna is there, she can't watch us and we get to go to the doctor." I clarified with her that she was asking about Nanna and not Milk. (We were in the car and I couldn't hear her well.) I realized that she actually WANTED to go to the chiropractor with me. Hum. Well, I figured that wouldn't be a problem. Maddie also wanted to go.

I had them back their backpacks with two small toys and two books and off we went. They were very, very, very good while we were at the chiropractor's office. On the way there, I told them that they could stay in the waiting room and play (he has a little table set up for kids) or they could come in the room and watch Dr. Reif work on me. I told them when I went in the last room with the music if they came in, they had to be very quiet. They decided to stay in the waiting room. They played quite contentedly during my appointment. They each had brought two princess figurines and they were pretending they were getting their backs fixed too. It was really cute.

When I was in the last room (he does something called stem? where he puts electrodes on the muscles to make them loosen up around the area he corrected) they decided to come in there. I heard them come in, but just barely. Then I heard one sort of almost fight when Maddie wanted to sit in the only chair in the room and Izzie was already in it. I just told them to "work it out quietly" and I didn't hear another peep. After I paid, when I was leaving Maddie told me she was very sad and angry that sissy wouldn't share. I was AMAZED that it hadn't turned into a huge fight in the room! She waited patiently until I was through to address it. My mouth almost fell to the floor, but I quickly recovered and congratulated her on her patience. We talked it through for a few minutes and everything was okay again.

Then on the way home, they were both quiet for a bit and Maddie asked in a sort of funny voice. "Momma, why did that one lady.... why did she have sort of reindeer feet?" I had to make sure I heard her correctly. Then thank goodness I sort of half noticed in the background of my mind that there was a lady in the waiting room who was wearing some of those new type of "shoes" that mold to your foot. But instead of 5 toes, only the big toe was separate. I thought to myself when I saw them that they looked strange, but didn't think anything else about it. But to my little girl that woman was half reindeer! (I'm impressed she knew that deer have cloven feet.) Anyway, I explained to her that those were some sort of funny shoes and asked her if she wanted me to buy her some. She said no thank you. But I thought the whole thing was pretty funny.

(This is what the boots looked like.)


Gee Wilson said...

Very cute blog :) I love the color.

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Rosen Beck said...

Haha that is so cute! And yes those boots do look funny! :D