Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Needs a bit more explaining

On the way to the library today, we were discussing what the letter of the day might be. One of the girls suggested it might be the letter W. So we started thinking of W words. Work, Wall, Water, Word, and Welcome were all suggested as good W words. At about that time, the wine bottles that are in the back of my van started clinking together. These wine bottles are ones I've been collecting for an art/garden project for my mom. We hardly ever drink wine. But Izzie pipes up from the backseat, "If the letter of the week is W, we can tell Ms. Debbie that Wine bottle starts with W!" For the rest of the drive, I was just hoping the letter of the week was not W!

(I took these photos off off google, to show the project that my mom, someday wants to get around to. In the meantime, I've just been helping her collect lots and lots of wine bottles. So the girls know what they are because of this project!)

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