Monday, July 18, 2011

Making Meatballs

Looking for the perfect toy for your 3 year old? An extra large tub of glass beads is the toy that goes on and on and on. It gets played with EVERY single day. They lend themselves to endless imaginative possibilities. Today, they were meatballs after the girls helped me make meatballs for dinner this morning.

 (Izzie is in the solid pink dress and Maddie is in the flowery tank dress.) Teddy and Bunny were the taste testers today.

 The beads came to us in that huge butter tub from Mema.

 Negotiating the sharing of more beads.

 Mixing and mixing the meatballs.

 Plating up.

 It is sometimes impossible to get a focused photo of Maddie. She is always moving.

 Izzie showing me a bead that was broken in half.

 Maddie running around, Izzie primping for the camera. (Maddie gets excited energy when she's trying to show/tell me something, Izzie gets poised and calm.)

 Ready for my photo op, mom!

 Making meatballs is a serious affair.

And a fun filled adventure!

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