Monday, July 11, 2011

Day with Daddy

Ah... the end of another Monday. This weekend was a fun blur. I spent all day Saturday at a staff/volunteer training for Landmark Education. The first weekend of August working an event and I'm looking forward to it! I used to volunteer (assist as they call it) a lot before the girls were born, and I'm ready to get back into it. It's a training and development company, but the thing that rocks, is if you volunteer you pretty much get to take the course for free. Time versus money scenario. Their courses are a great value and assisting you don't get the entire course because you are "working" the event but I still get a ton out of it. I love the people I assist with too, a great bunch of people. All of this of course would not be possible if it wasn't for the support of my hubby.

He was a solo parent for most of Saturday and him and the girls had a great time. While I was sitting in a chair in my class, he was taking the girls to the hospital to see Dana and Holly one last time before they went home. Then he brought them home, cooked them lunch, played a ton, put them down for nap and then even took them out for ice cream! They were so excited to tell me every single thing they did by the time I got home, just in time to tuck them into bed.

 Holly and Dana

 Maddie, Holly, Dana and Izzie

Maddie, Daddy, Holly and Izzie.

Sunday I got on a mad cleaning spree. I grabbed some trashbags and I just tore into the house. It feels so great right now with all the clutter picked up and I even put away some (of the few) nicknacks and photo frames I have out. I mean, I LOVE photos of people, but when I have the extra frames up, it just reads as "clutter" to my eyes. I need some blank horizontal and vertical spaces in my house to feel creative. It's an artist thing I'm sure. I've just been feeling so stifled. I want a balance between bare and homey. So I left some stuff up, but I may go back and do a second sweep. I had such momentum that I called mom and asked if she could watch the girls today so that I could keep up my cleaning frenzy. Thankfully she said yes and so I started in on my upstairs. I didn't even realize how cluttered my bedroom was until I attacked it with a dust cloth and another garbage bag! I still have the family room to get to and then I'll tackle the dreaded closets. The closets are the hardest place to get rid of stuff, because that is where the stuff that you are not sure what to do with ends up!

With all of this clean space, I of course pulled out the vacuum cleaner and was frustrated that as soon as I started the belt bust. I went to Walmart tonight to look for a replacement belt but they did not have one in the brand I need. I did end up buying a sorting container thing for all the girls itty bitty princess toys, and I'm wondering is this wishful thinking? Can I pass my obsession of order and origination on to my kids? Do I even want to? I know that it would be easier for ME to play with the toys if I could see them in a nice way. We'll see what the girls think of it in the morning!
OCD? Wishful thinking? What do you think??

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Karen Carnes said...

What I want to know is where was this OCD compulsion when you were a kid?  Seriously what did Jamie do to you freshman year of college?  Did she play subliminal brainwashing music while you slept?