Sunday, June 19, 2011

A very happy Father's Day

 At one point, Maddie sat down to read Lucy a story. The other "big" cousins thought this was cute so they grabbed books too.
So Lucy got stories read to her by Maddie, Izzie and Sabrina... all at once!
Yesterday we went over to John's parent's house for a celebration of Nanny's 89th birthday and to give Grandpa a father's day card. It was a very fun day and the whole family was there. At one point, all of the cousins were in the pool at the same time! I know that a picture was snapped of all the girls, so I'll have to see if I can get a copy of it. It really made me wonder whether if Dana's next will be another girl or a boy. On the one hand, it'd be fun that Sammy is the King of the Cousins and the rest are all girls, and on the other hand, throwing in another boy would be a good balance out all those girls. We'll find out in about 6 weeks what she's having when the baby makes his/her entrance in the world.

Jackie went above and beyond for dinner last night. We had this huge platter of Prosciutto and Fonitna rolled Chicken on a bed of sauted spinach, with green beans, rosemary potatoes, mushroom cream gravy and garlic bread. It was a huge feast! And it was all delicious. She followed it up with a carrot cake for Nanny's birthday.

This morning, I was excited because I got to give John his father's day present. My mom helped me (okay, she practically made it for me) a 1-UP mushroom from Mario Brothers as a rearview mirror dangle for John's fancy new car. He said a while back that fuzzy dice were too cliche and that a 1-UP mushroom would be fun. So the girls, my mom and I covertly worked on it throughout the week, and somehow they managed to keep it a secret. Then I had the idea to incorporate a scavenger hunt into the whole deal. Mom helped me with some of the rhymes and last night when John went up to bed, I snuck around the house and placed all the clues about. The idea was to make them easy enough for the girls to solve the riddles so they got to play along with dad, hitting some of the favorite things they like to do with him or nice things he does for us.

Here they are:
Daddy, Daddy,
We love doing puzzles with you!
This one is especially fun,
If you help us find the next clue,
You'll find a Father's Day gift from us to you!

Splish Splash
We love to take our bath with Daddy
'Cause he doesn't care if we wash our hair!

Singing Night Night songs with dad is great!
Too bad we can't stay up late.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder where the next clues are!

When we play building blocks with Dad,
They don't fall down, we don't get sad.
They go so high to make a tower,
It must be a daddy superpower!

Potty Training may be stinky and nasty,
But daddy never gets loopy
when he changes our poopy.
And he always takes out the bop (diaper) trashy!

We love our very own playground
Where we blow bubbles and jump through hoops.
Thank you daddy for mowing the grass
and for cleaning up the Doggie poops!

Everywhere we look, here's a book, there's a book
Reading stories with dad is a favorite thing to do
Especially the one about or day at the zoo!

Today we are only three, and we think you would agree
That it may seem bizzare,
To imagine that one day we are going
To ask to drive Daddy's car!

I did get the entire thing on video, which I'll share, but please excuse the messy house!
Video Link Here.

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