Monday, June 27, 2011

A trip to the spice store & a day in the life of...

I love spice stores. It's almost like walking into an art supply store. You walk in and your senses are stimulated and your creativity is sparked. With an art supply store your sense of touch and sight take in everything and your imagination starts working on masterpieces you could create. In a spice store your nose takes over and the dishes that spring to mind even start working on your taste buds and there is just so much potential hanging in the air. Today my Mom and I took the girls to Penzey's Spices a favorite spice store of mine for years. As soon as I walked in, I was a bit overwhelmed of where to start. The spices, herbs and extracts were calling out to me to be sniffed and even touched. The girls got a bit antsy but they had a cute little coloring table set up in the corner for the kids.

Side note, I just thought of a cool idea for them. They should buy a small little kitchen and fill it with pots and pans and a few spice jars that are glued shut so the kids can "cook" while their parents are shopping. I think I need to drop a note in the mail!

Anyway, I picked up a wedding gift. I love giving spices as a wedding gift. Then I picked up several ounces of mustard seed. My friend Nicole Rice, made homemade mustard using mustard seed, kombucha and garlic. I can not WAIT to try it! I have my mustard seed fermenting in the kombucha as we speak, but it needs to ferment for 5-7 days. Fermenting takes so much patience. I've got a hot sauce that should be ready for tomorrow.

After the spice store we decided to try out this little Greek buffet that was in the same shopping center. It was pretty darn tasty! But then again, I love Greek foods and since John doesn't, I don't eat them very often so it makes them a bit more special. I love how the girls love the flavors too, although they did manage to ignore most of the vegetables and focused instead on the gyro meat, the pita bread and the tzatziki sauce. I don't blame them, those are my favorites too! But I filled up on dolmos today.

After the restaurant, we stopped by Lucky Layla for some more raw milk and yummy smoothies for snack later in the day and then headed home for naptime. I didn't think naptime was going to happen, but they finally drifted off to sleep. When they woke up both girls wanted their smoothie and then they requested to take a bubble bath in my bathtub. Easy enough! I had the opportunity to catch up on some laundry while they were bathing and then a quick dinner of quesidalla pizzas was in order. I was still full from lunch! John ate some leftovers, ironically enough... leftover Greek salad! (One Greek meal he does like.) After dinner the girls played "spa" with me. One of my favorite new games. They literally slather me with lotion and I just lay there relaxing. Next they moved onto some art projects with scissors and stickers. Then Maddie asked me if I could play puppets with her. She gave me the elephant puppet who "ohhed and awed" over their artwork and asked them to sing their favorite songs. We played silly songs and dancing until bedtime!

All in all, it was a pretty terrific day!

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