Monday, June 6, 2011

our Big day

"It's gonna be a BIG day today!" both Maddie and Izzie told me when they woke up. And they were right! Today was the first day of swim classes for the summer. Actually the swim classes are Mon-Thur for two weeks. But today we also had gymnastics so the morning was jam packed. Last night as I was tucking them in, I told them that it was going to be a big day. I told them we had gymnastics lessons and then swim lessons. Maddie says, "But Gymnastics doesn't start until 10:30, so we have time for a writing lesson before that!" She pays attention to schedules that's for sure!

This morning was pretty laid back, I woke up before the girls so I came downstairs and did some cleaning in the quiet. Then the girls woke up and I fixed us all some breakfast. Normally I like to watch some food network show, So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol during breakfast. All shows that I don't care if the girls watch over my shoulder. But the TV was not working this morning so I was a lot more productive! I needed to pack us a lunch to eat in the car between gymnastics and swim so I made a small batch of homemade peanut butter for some sandwiches. While I was doing that the girls did decide to do a writing lesson and then just color.

About 15 minutes before it was time to leave, all we had to do was a potty break and put our hair into pony tails when Maddie decided she did NOT want to listen. Big temper-tantrum followed by her putting herself in quiet time. We somehow made it out the door and to class just as it was starting. The gym was in utter chaos this morning. Their Summer Camps had started and the gym was packed. Also, turns out Coach Steve quit unexpectedly. I had been thinking about looking at a new gym to take the girls to, and just this morning had called ASI to schedule a free trail class. I'm glad I had decided to give my two weeks notice at our current gym, because today was horrible. And not having Coach Steve is a huge let down, all the kids love him. By the end of class, about half of the class turned in notice. I love Coach Kaylynn, she's the assistant Coach, but she's just a teenager and doesn't have much say about what goes on at the gym.

So after a very, very chaotic class, we had lunch in the car as we drove to swim class. It was good to see our friends Jake and Ford who are in class with us. We started out in the fitness room to go over the rules and then the kids walk all around the entire pool to get to the steps where their class is. It started out pretty good, the girls were doing well. They were definitely nervous but they followed the instruction and didn't get upset when I walked away. We got to sit on the other side of the pool to watch them. But after they had to go under water it all went downhill and they both wanted "MOMMA!" and they were crying and screaming. I was told to leave the pool area so that they could continue to teach them. Oh boy, was it hard, but I know they will love swimming soon. After class I told them how proud I was of how well they swam and that they did so good staying in class until it was finished. I asked them what their favorite and least favorite parts of class were.
Izzie's favorite: When class was all DONE.
Izzie's least favorite: Going under water.
Maddie's favorite: Sitting on the steps
Maddie's least favorite: Being in the water.

So hopefully as the days progress the favorites and least favorites change a bit!
Now they are both napping and after that exhausting (emotionally) morning I'm ready for a nap too!
 Maddie wrote her name on her potty chart all by herself and brought it to me to show me. I didn't even know she was working on it! (In case it needs a bit of translating it is: DMAIED. We haven't quite worked on letter order yet. She normally starts somewhere and when she runs out of space then tacks them on the left. This time she forgot her D's so she had to add them at the front and back.

 Sitting in class for lessons. Ford, Jake on the left, Maddie and Izzie on the right. Ms. Mimi in the pink fuzzy robe!

 Maddie swimming with Ms. Mimi.

Izzie swimming.

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