Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Negotiator

When the time for naps roles on around here, Maddie becomes my little negotiator.

Me: Take a good nap  Princess Petunia Picklebottoms.
Maddie: I'm not her, I'm ME. Maddie.
Me: Oh okay, take a good nap Maddie.
Maddie: Princess Maddie!
Me: Princess Maddie, sleep well.
Maddie: I only need a short nap to untangle my brains. [This is something my mom taught them. Untangle your brains means give your brains a chance to rest so you can think up more things in the afternoon.]
Me: Okay, take a short nap, but take a really good one.
Maddie: Okay, maybe 6 minutes.
Me: How about 15 minutes?
Maddie: Maybe 20?
Me: Sounds good.
Maddie: No, I'll take a 10 minute nap today.
Me: Kisses Princess Maddie.
Maddie: I love you Momma.

Luckily her 10 minute naps usually turn into 1.5 hour naps.

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