Sunday, June 12, 2011

File Folder Games

I just recently discovered something new (to me.) They are called File Folder Games. I like calling them Lessons though. Lessons shouldn't be reserved for serious stuff, they can be fun too. Anyway, I was stumbling across the interwebs when I found a mommy blogger somewhere that made up a few of these File Folder Lessons for her kids. With a bit of searching I found out that these things are actually quite popular. They take a bit of work to put together, although there are kits that you can buy to make them easier to make. I just took some pre-made clipart and fashioned my own. So far I've made for reading: Matching  Lowercase to Uppercase Apple game and First Letter Sounds (I just picked 8 sounds.) For Math I've done a Counting Lesson and a Sequencing Starfish Lesson. For Science I've done a Hot vs. Cold lesson. The girls really seem to like working on them too!

Here is the apple lesson. I cut slits in the apples on the tree for the girls to slide the lowercase letters into.

 The five middle starfish are removable with velcro and have to be put in order from smallest to largest.

Maddie and Izzie playing with their lessons. I punched holes and am storing them in small ring binders.

Maddie and Izzie set up a bunch of their furry friends and were playing "storytime" with them. I overheard Izzie saying, "Once Upon a Time..."

Interested in buying the graphics for my FileFolder Games? You will get you the images as jpgs or PDFs for you to print. You will have to print, cut out the pieces and assemble on your own file folder. Laminating makes the images stronger but you can print on card stock too.
Alphabet Tree: $6 - It will have a more simplified font than the one shown, as this font I learned was hard for my kids to read. 
Starfish- $4

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