Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dress

Maddie and Izzie. I bought this dress at Kid-to-Kid, a used clothing store. I've started buying more of their clothes there since they no longer care about matching as much anymore. But as soon as I got this dress home they BOTH wanted to wear it at the same time. When I realized it was a gymboree I got on ebay and my MOM's groups to see if anyone had one they didn't want anymore. I had no idea that the $8 that I spent on it was a steal (I thought it was expensive to pay $8 for a used dress!) But on ebay in most cases the dress was going for over $40, which is $8 OVER what it cost when it was a NEW dress on the gymboree shelves!!! Somehow mom found a listing on ebay and was able to get a second dress for only $12, which we couldn't believe. So now they have a set of matching "Rainbow Twirl Dresses" as they call them.

 Izzie and Maddie. You would NOT believe how many photos I have like this. I tell the girls to stand next to each other and smile at me. As SOON as I hit the button they look at each other and laugh. EVERYTIME. To get a photo of them looking at me instead of each other is a hard feat! It's like some secret joke they have to share.

 I was very pleased to snap this one quickly before they got silly!

I like this photo of Maddie concentrating really hard to get the bubble wand in the bottle. I had to cringe when they went straight for the bubbles in their "new" gymboree dresses, but I am so NOT that kinda momma. Bubbles will wash out, and why buy clothes that kids can't play in?


Karen Carnes said...

THIS dress will teach you why.  Or to be careful NOT to buy 100% cotton again.  As cool and as cute as it looks on the girls you will change your mind after ironing it.  Nanna ironed the dresses for today's performance and I am very happy that you got photos to document what will probably be their last time wearing them.  Those ruffles are a pain to iron!!  ;-P

I am so happy they love their Rainbow Twirl Dresses.  And I hope that even though they are developing strong and independent personalities that every once in a while they will occasionally have a "twin day" and dress alike.  Soooo Cute!!


Ginger Bowes said...

Hopped over from MaMe's site...beautiful dresses!!!

MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Precious dresses...I could see why both girls wanted them!  I'm amazed at some of the prices you found on eBay, though.  I've never shopped for clothes there, but that just sounds crazy! 

Denise Martin said...

I want that dress too but I bet they don't have it in my size  : ) It's super cute and looks so comfy.