Thursday, June 23, 2011

ASI Gymnastics Update

The girls did their trial class at ASI today and they both did SUPER! This class is different than the mom and tot class because they have to go off on their own and I sit in the bleachers watching them. Maddie went right off without any problems, Izzie thought for a split second about being upset but then she just as quickly changed her mind and took off with the class. During the music/stretching circle they just watched (Canyon Creek Gymnastics didn't do that, so it wasn't familiar to them) but they took to the trampolines and all the other elements great. At the end Maddie got a "terrific job on standing on one foot" and Izzie got a "terrific job at the donkey kicks!" on their progress report. Izzie said she had a good time but she liked her old gym better. Maddie said the new gym was SUPER fun! Now to crunch some numbers, investigate some other options and make a decision!

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