Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Catch Up. Rough Riders Game. Water Balloons.

A bit of photo catch up today. Friday I took the girls on a walk down our street. Maddie has entered the age of "I'm SOOOO tired to walk Mommmmma." Of course I found this out several blocks away from home. I told her that her legs are younger than mine and if I could make it back home with my old legs then surely her young ones could get her home. She reluctantly dragged herself home under her own power. But there was NO way I was carrying that 37lb big three year old 4 blocks back to our house. No way was I starting that. Plus with twins, you run into the problem with the other girl thinking that's a cool trick to get Mom to do and I don't even physically think I could carry close to 80 lbs home, and I'd look quite dumb doing it! Luckily Izzie was full of happy energy so she challenged Maddie to several races. "Maddie! I'll race you to the next mailbox!" and "Maddie! I bet I'll beat you to the light post!" We made it home. I think I was more mentally exhausted than of exercise I had hoped to achieve!

At the end of our street is a big grassy area. Izzie and Maddie like to run "free" in this area.
 It's not easy letting your three year old run that far away, but they were having fun, and were in a safe spot. Plus it's good training to let them run and come back to you when it's safe so that you know they will obey you when you are in a more public place! That's Izzie way, way out there!

 Maddie and Izzie heading out on the walk. Maddie hadn't decided she was too tired yet.

 On Sunday we did a cutting/gluing project. I was going to have them do a collage of a flower and sky and grass but they wanted it to be "more pretty than that momma!" This is Izzie practicing her glue dots.

 Izzie loves gluing!
 Maddie kept going after all the long pieces. She liked how they "all lined up."


 Jumping around... John, John Chenault, Carolyn and I went to go see the Rough Riders on Friday. My sister babysat the girls. They had fun playing with Rhonda and showing her their new swingset.

 Special Memorial Day tribute at the game.

 Last night I got out the water balloons that Mema put in the girls store. Maddie bought them with her money but said she'd share them with Izzie. I filled up a bunch of those little buggers and the girls popped them as fast as I could fill them.

 They liked taking them in their pool. Maddie and Izzie throwing them at the fence.

Izzie and Maddie trying to juggle a bunch of water balloons all at once!

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