Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girl Scouts

 Talar, Jennifer and Amanda taken in 1998. I had us rent uniforms for this photo! The sashes were the only part of the uniform any of us owned.

I'm sure I've mentioned on here before that I was a girl scout. I joined as a Brownie in first grade and stayed on through until I got my Gold Award my Senior year of High School. And not to upset any of the boy scouts out there, I think achieving the Gold Award is a lot harder. Our Gold Award final project was to throw a Father Daughter Dance that benefited The Houston Humane Society. That was just the final project, the actual Gold Award took pretty much 3 years to complete working on volunteer hours and various other steps before the final project was even though about! I did continue on in Scouting during college a bit, but mostly to become a camp counselor at the summer camp. I also was the Riding Director at Misty Meadows in 2005. I definitely plan on getting my girls involved in scouting when they hit kindergarten and the Dallas scouts better watch out because I'll probably shake things up a bit. Scouting in Houston is BIG, here in Dallas it is almost non-existent, which is really sad. I think it'd be awesome to perhaps go back to camp as the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director and let Maddie and Izzie spend the entire summer at camp when they get a bit older. That would have literally been heaven for me growing up!

Anyway, this all came up because a few weeks ago, my fellow girl scout troop (all three of us that were left by the end of Senior year of High School) got together to visit a few weeks ago. Talar is now a Vet tech with a 3 month old baby boy and Jenifer is a school teacher. It was really great catching up with them. I've talked to Talar a bit since high school and saw her once in college, but I hadn't seen Jen-Jen since we graduated in 1998. My mom came to visit too, since she was basically a second mom to them. Most of the scout meetings took place in my living room and so Mom was always there helping out the troop doing whatever needed to be done. I miss Mrs. Kamas our troop  leader so much! She passed away just after I started at Texas A&M. Her daughter dropped out of scouts at some point in High School because she was in too many extra curriculars, but we convinced Mrs. Kamas to keep on going for the rest of us; we were so determined to get our Gold Award. She was our champion and there wasn't a better leader out there. She went the distance for us rag-tag group of girls. The day that I graduated from College I had tears in my eyes that Mrs. Kamas wasn't there to see me complete my degree. I still have the Star pendant necklace that she gave all three of us as High School Graduation gifts. She told us to reach for the stars and never give up on our dreams. I'll never forget her or how important she was in my life.

It was good seeing the girls and we definitely need to stay in touch a bit better than we have in the past. Talar and Jenifer are the two oldest friends I have. I met Talar in fourth grade right after moving to a new neighborhood after my parents divorce. Her family is Armenian and I always loved going over to her house because of the exotic foods her Mom was always cooking up. Jennifer joined the troop closer to middle school I think. The three of us were always close and I think that is why when all the other girls dropped out one by one, we stuck it out together.
Amanda, Talar and Jennifer in 2011.

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