Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wow was it ever insanely windy yesterday. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Living in Houston we had humidity bad. The weather would say it was a nice 76 degrees outside and you'd get excited step outside your front door and your glasses would fog up from the humidity and it'd feel like you were swimming to your car. (It only got worse as the temps rose and rose through the summer.) Here in Dallas after being cooped up over winter, the sun starts shining and the thermometers start to read in the 70's and we start planning park playdates. Then they get canceled because no one remember to check the WIND forcast. Yesterday we had blustery winds at 30 mph. I mean that isn't a hurricane by any means (category 1 starts at 75 mph, I think.) But 30 mph is enough to almost knock a toddler over. Trashcans were rolling in the street and I heard that a friends fence got knocked down by the "breeze."

So our plan yesterday was to go to the park and I posted as much on one of my moms groups to see if anyone could join me. I immediately got a "wind advisory" warning from all the moms! Sure enough I had forgotten to check the wind, but I had promised the girls an outing so we went to the mall instead. They had fun playing in the mall play area and we went to one store. I think with the changing of the seasons I'm in a spending mode so I limited myself to one store! I did find some cute swimsuits for the girls which I can't wait to put on them!

It was weird buying two completely different swimsuits. I learned that from last year when I bought matching swimsuits. If you have identical twin toddlers for safety's sake, get different swimsuits! Our neighborhood pool has a little kid pool that is not fenced off from the adult pool. We were splashing around in the kiddie pool when one of the girls started running towards the big pool. Luckily I knew who it was at the time and I was able to yell out in a VERY commanding voice, "MADDIE, STOP NOW!" Which luckily she did. But often is the case when they trade places and you aren't paying too close attention and it could have been Izzie running (especially from behind... it's hard to tell!) and a "Maddie, stop running" wouldn't have been quite as effective. All that to say, this year they have different swimsuits and they won't be allowed to trade them. Now I don't want anyone to worry... I DO know my girls apart. I can always tell them apart, they look different enough to me. But in a high stress situation from the back, it can be difficult.

After shopping we ate lunch at the food court. I had packed a picnic for our park date, but we just ate our picnic at the mall and we were fine. The girls were happy enough with that. Back home it was time to put the girls down for nap, but they are definitely in a "don't wanna nap" phase. And for some reason those always coordinate with a "don't wanna listen" and "I wanna whine all day" phase. Luckily they only last 2-3 weeks but they feel like FOREVER. The afternoon was interesting because shortly after John came home he crashed almost mid-sentence on the couch. He was obviously exhausted! I took the girls upstairs to play to give him time to nap. They decided to play "run around the upstairs slamming doors game." Luckily no-one got hurt. I had my nose buried in a book, I was on the last chapter!

After John woke up the girls did a little art project and I fixed dinner. The evening was full of activity, we all sat around the kitchen floor putting together a big puzzle they got for Christmas. Then it was finally time for bed (after a few stories read out on the deck as the wind had died down!) When John went to check on them before we went to bed at 11, he called me in there. I ran to see what was up. Maddie was all snuggled up in Izzie's bed. We decided to leave them like that instead of disturbing them. But I guess we woke Izzie up just enough that she wanted her space. We put Maddie in her bed three times but she kept crawling back in Izzie's bed saying she wanted to cuddle. Izzie was still mostly asleep and just kept pushing her away. It was so sad and cute all at the same time. Finally we got Maddie settled in her bed and they slept the rest of the night. In the morning Izzie said that she wanted a hug from Maddie and that she loved her sissy very very much. Oh I love my girls so so much too!


Julia said...

I didn't realize wind was a factor in Dallas. Chicago, yes. Dallas? Huh. I learned something new today.

Twin affection is awesome! My girls are 13 months, and just started giving each other kisses and hugs---priceless!

dittdott said...

Yeah, it's usually only windy for a short period in the early spring time, but when the wind comes, it comes HARD!

Amy said...

When I moved here my husband thought I was crazy saying the wind here was worse than in Chicago. But I was able to find some data and prove him wrong :p For the record Chicago is the "windy city" because of politicians...not really the wind ;)

AND...I bought my girls swimsuits today. My mom tried talking me into matching ones but I told her your story and how I thought different ones would be better this year.