Saturday, March 26, 2011

Staining the deck

Today was all about staining the deck. Well, this morning was, as it turned not to take all day long. We still have to seal it, but the stain has to dry for at least 72 hours so we are good for now. Our backyard is a graveyard of toys lately. Last summer the sun destroyed a bunch of the plastic toys and over the winter I'm sure the snow and ice didn't help. The grass has been littered with bits of broken sandbox shovels and screws from the work bench, among other things.

This morning I was on clean-up duty. I got out a big black trashbag for all the broken bits and anything salvageable I put in a big rubbermaid container. Most of our backyard toys have been cheap garage sale finds, freebies off of Freecycle or finds from the street where people put things out for the taking. I scored two really good trikes this way before the girls were even 6 months old! The girls came outside to help me organize the back yard and I moved all the toys into the grass. Then Maddie and Izzie helped me sweep off the deck. It's a lot bigger than you realize when it is empty!

John came out with the sprayer and the stain just as we were finishing sweeping. He stirred the stain and then poured it into the pump. Pump, pump, pump.... NOTHING. We got out the instructions. We were doing everything "right." Still no spray. Determined not to give up, John went and got a roller and a paint tray and I got some gloves and some rags. We made a great team, he rolled and I ragged until we stained our entire deck. I was super proud of our job. This was our first big "maintenance" project on our house and we did great!

The rest of the day was spent visiting for me. I went to lunch with Melanie and we had a great time just sitting still and catching up. It's funny how someone you talk to almost every day, with kids around you don't get everything said that you want said! How novel to be able to finish a thought without interruptions! We went to this new restaurant called Urban Eatz and I'll definitely be going back to try more of their menu!

Then when I got home, my sis was sitting in my desk chair with two huge boxes. She bats her eyes at me and asks if I'll help wrap for a babyshower that she's attending in a couple of hours. Uh-huh... sure... so we go up to my art room. (Thank goodness the day before I actually went in there and spent a few minutes trying to organize so we had some floor space to work with!)

We wrapped the presents and headed downstairs, forgetting to shut the art room door that has the baby lock on it. This is important because two days ago we took the baby lock off the girls room. So far they have stayed in the room when they were told to. I guess Izzie heard Rhonda and I in the art room so she opened her door and slipped in. That is where John found her later, playing on an art easel. As soon as she heard him come up the stairs she bolted for her room! The art room is a no-no for obvious reasons being x-acto knives, scissors, paint thinner, broken glass (for mosaics) and who knows what else! Luckily most of the dangerous stuff is tucked away and not in plain sight but still! YIKES! I think I'll be getting a more secure lock for that door since the reason that we took the baby locks off is that they've started to figure out how to open them.

Tomorrow should be pretty laid back and next week is full of fun outings and I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time outside over at my mom's house. It's great gardening season and the girls love running around her big back yard.

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