Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Adventure

My girls love Dora the Explorer. The privlage to watch the show has been in time out for the past couple of days because instead of emulating Dora, they choose to copy Swiper the Fox more often than not. Some days I think if I hear, "I SWIPE FROM YOU!" one more time I'll go crazy. The new rule is if they swipe (basically grab something from someone, run and hide it; which is what Swiper the Fox does) they can't watch Dora the Explorer the next day. Since we limit tv time and they usually only get one show a day, this is a big deal. Well the other day they swiped so many times Dora went it time out for three days.

Today Dora got to get out of time out and to perhaps encourage them to be more like Dora and less like Swiper the Fox, we went on an adventure.

First we had to put our dirty Nightgowns in The Laundry Swamp, 
Then we had to clean up Pony Puddle (all their ponies were in a big pile in the toy room.)
Next we had to climb Mt. Staircase and tip toe into the Sleeping Cave. We had to be extra quiet as to not wake the wild stuffed animals that were sound asleep.
We tiptoed into Closet Cove and picked out our clothes for the day.
Last we were able to go to Family Fun Place and watch Dora! 

They had so much fun going through the Adventure than if I had told them to get dressed and clean up their mess before they could watch a show (which is of course, what I usually do.) Maddie had to wake the slumbering stuffed animals so the ferocious puppy dog had to lick her to pieces. They were in stitches giggling so hard. I love it when I remember to do fun stuff like that. Often times I get caught up in the DOINGINGNESS of the day and just check things off one by one. The funny thing was taking a moment to come up with silly names made the clean up and getting dressed go three times as fast as if I had done it my usual way.

Now I'm off to vaccuum while they are upstairs watching Dora, and hopefully learning more than swiping.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I completely agree with your sentiment about the DOINGINGNESS (I like that word!) of the day. It's so easy to do...

Thanks for the reminder, and what a fun "adventure" you created for your girls! :)

dittdott said...

It's one of those pay it forward type of things. I was reading something on someone elses blog about being in the moment, which reminded me to be in the moment. I remind you, you remind someone else and it spreads. Special memories with kids get created when adults forget to be adults and remember to be a kid again.