Monday, March 28, 2011

Making Dog Biscuits

About six months ago, the girls and I made homemade doggie biscuits for Ripley. The other night somehow that came up and the girls wanted to do it again. Last time, I think we just made little round cookies, but since then the girls found a bone shaped cookie cutter in their cookie cutter set, they wanted to make bone shaped ones. I remembered last time the dough was almost too wet to roll out so I scaled back on the water and it was perfect this go around! We could have done it in the electric mixer in half the time, but I think when you are making cookies as an activity doing it by hand with a bowl is the way to go. The girls really had a great time cooking with me and Ripley enjoyed the cookies! These are a dog treat, they aren't necessarily a healthy dog meal replacement. For the refined recipe on The Frickin Chicken.

 Izzie and Maddie getting ready to cook with their aprons on.

 It's been awhile since we used the homemade brown sugar and it got hard. Maddie was helping me break it up.

 Scooping peanut butter is hard! I taught the girls to use two spoons to work the peanut butter into the measuring cup.

 Taking turns stirring. Maddie's doing a great job!

 Izzie pushing a cookie cutter in.
 Now Maddie is giving it a try (they traded places!)

 Cookes are all baked! (Some of them are dog shaped cookies.)

 Maddie feeding Ripley.

Izzie watching Ripley eat her biscuit. We trained him from a puppy to take his treats to his bed. It's the one thing he still remembers in his old age!

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