Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toddler Talk

The other day I was using the Voice to Text feature on my cell phone. You speak out your text message and the phone types it out. I do this sometimes because the keyboard annoys me. Anyway, if you say "period" "question mark" "comma" or whatever it'll actually put your punctuation in for you. It's pretty cool really.

I was leaving a text message for a friend and Maddie overheard me. It took her awhile to think about it I guess because a few minutes later she asked me what "peer-NE-ad" meant. I was completely and utterly confused. I asked her where she heard the word. She told me I said it. I asked her when. (Enough time had passed that my mind was completely off my text message and on to other things.) She told me, "You said it to your phone!" I thought about it and I repeated what I had said in the text message. When I was finished Maddie said, "Yes, you said that then you said peer-NE-ad! What does peer-NE-ad MEAN????"

It finally dawned on me that she was saying period! I was so excited to have figured that out. Then I had to figure out HOW do you explain to a three year old what punctuation is? We got out a book and talked about it until she was satisfied. Who knows what she took away from our discussion... but it was cute!

I love how my girls will ask me what a word is that they don't know. We talk about vocabulary all the time. I love hearing words like initiative and responsibility stumble out of their little mouths!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

That's so cool! Just within the last week, our girls have started asking some questions. B was holding a stuffed moose by his antlers, and she said, "What call this?" I had to run write it down...I was so proud of her! :) I just love insight into how our kiddos' minds work!