Friday, February 4, 2011


Today marks day four of being ice/snow bound. I did make it out briefly yesterday for a very quick trip to Target. We were out of diapers and since the roads had cleared just enough to be safe if you were very careful I decided to go so I wouldn't have to resort to sticking maxi-pads in the girls training pants to get them through the night. Then this morning when we woke up to five or six inches of snow, I was glad I went out last evening!

The girls weren't too impressed. They said it was cold and they didn't want to go out in it. We spent most of the day doing little projects again. I wanted to start our Valentines but somehow it never happened. There is always tomorrow, since I have a feeling we won't be going anywhere then either.

I think my biggest accomplishment of the day was NOT baking a chocolate cake and therefore NOT eating the entire thing. I think for some reason being stuck inside for four days makes you want to munch all day on chocolate. Since there is very, very, very little chocolate in the house (the girls potty training rewards) it's been pretty easy to not munch on chocolate all day long. But then it dawned on me I did have all the ingredients in the house to make a chocolate cake (cocoa powder!) so then it took will power and great distraction to not bake it. Because I knew if it got baked it SO would have gotten eaten. By me. I might have shared one piece with John and the girls. Here's some photos (okay, a TON of photos) of our day!

 Taken last night when Nanna stopped by to drop off some new milk for us. Maddie drew a ballerina!

 Woke up to SNOW!

Izzie and Maddie coloring on a roll out sheet.

Maddie and Izzie decorating their new clipboards. I got these for less than a dollar and figured they could use washable marker to personalize them.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 I got out a new Christmas toy that Grandma and Grandpa go the girls. Called Wiki Stix they are a sort of waxy string and stick to windows. Izzie playing.


After naptime, I blew up some helium balloons for the girls to play with. (Izzie has entered a stage where she changes clothes every day at naptime.)

 While I was cooking dinner I suggested that John go out and build a snowman for the girls. Izzie decided she wanted to join him so it ended up being me spending twenty minutes to get her dressed (and then Maddie when she decided to join later,) they stayed out there for 10 and then getting them undressed again. Dinner was delayed. Daddy and Izzie.

 Maddie wanted to stay inside at first. (Daddy is throwing a snowball at the window)

 She felt left out so I snuggled her up and she waddled out to see them.

 Daddy and Maddie
 Maddie trying to throw a snowball out at me.

 Izzie is ALL DONE!
 Cool Icicles on my rosemary bush.

 Each rosemary leaf got a bubble of ice on it.

 This was the icicle that was dripping on the rosemary bush.

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