Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Catch Up

 Izzie at Jake and Ford's birthday party.

 Ford, Izzie, Madison, Melanie and Sydney.

 Alison, Izzie and Madison.


 Jessica helping her kids, Payson, Hayden and Madison with the art project.

 I love this photo of all the kids singing Happy Birthday to Jake and Ford!

 The boys LOVED, LOVED the Monster trucks that Melanie and I bought them.

 I thought this was so cute, I walked into the living room one day to find Izzie cuddling with Teddy and her Dump Truck.

Mema told the girls a night time story every night just like she did when I was a little girl.
 Maddie and Izzie working on puzzles. We were trying to stay quiet while the rest of the family was still sleeping.

 Picnic at Avalon, my Uncle's event facility. Here is Mom, Mema and Pepaw.

 Izzie, Momma and Maddie.

 Mema, Izzie and Pepaw.

 Izzie at Avalon
 Mom cooking porkchops one night. Mom and I made a big dinner for everyone so Mema wouldn't have to cook for us. We made Sweet and Sour Pork Chops, Potato au gratin and greenbeans. It was terrific!

Izzie and Maddie at an impromptu table. This was moments before Izzie's big meltdown due to exhaustion from a very, very busy day!

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