Sunday, February 27, 2011

PAMOM Silent Auction & Gala

 Maddie and Izzie about to go spend the night at Nanna and Popo's house.

I took too many pictures and they were loosing interest!

The evening started with John and I saying our goodbyes to Maddie and Izzie as Nanna and Popo whisked them away to a fun evening of fun without us. They got to go to Chucky Cheeses again. I told Nanna that had to be reserved for special occasions such as birthdays. Apparently spending the night is special too. Although they didn't think about the fact that it was Saturday night so I doubt they'll be going back on a weekend night. Mom said it was crowded!

As for John and I, after they said goodbye we had a little over an hour to primp and get beautiful. Then off to the Gala we went. The theme this year was Black & White Ball and it was done up with finesse. Everyone looked spectacular dressed to the nines. I wasn't sure how many ball gowns there would be but I wasn't the only one. John absolutely rocked his tuxedo. We had a great time mingling, gambling and drinking. Did I mention there was free wine, beer and peach bellinis? The party seemed to fly by and sooner than I wanted I knew it was time to go or I would turn into a pumpkin.

 My party dress
 I told you John looked amazing in his tux.

 Aren't we a cute couple?

 Me and my sweetie.

 Friends Ashley and her hubby Dustin.

 John and I at the event.

 Alison and me.

 John, Dustin, Garrett and Clay.

 The PAMOM Executive Board for 2010-2011. Melanie (President), Tina (Advisor), Carolyn (Treasurer), Laurie (Secretary) , Amanda (VP of Helping Hands) and Alison (VP of Membership).

Ripley had his bow tie on and was ready to rock the gala. Sorry, no dogs allowed pug dog! You look handsome though!


JulesEvaB said...

What a Gorgeous dress!! You look great! I hope you had a blast.

MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

You guys looked amazing!!! And that looks like so much fun! :)