Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mema and Pepaw's house

Today has been a full day of playing and visiting at Mema's house. The girls have been having such a good time. This morning Mema started playing doctor with them and the game lasted for a couple of hours. I wanted Mema to look at my hurt toe so she made it all elaborate getting out rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, a magnifying glass, flashlight, bandaide and other medical supplies. She played doctor and called the girls Nurse Izzie and Nurse Maddie. They had to hold up the flashlight and magnifying glass for her. It was pretty good care for a toe injury! Well after that they weren't done playing doctor so Mema helped them bandage up their baby dolls and then she gave them lotion in a dixie cup and a q-tip. They dipped the q-tip in the lotion and rubbed it on any old boo boo they could find on anyone willing to sit still. Then they moved on to freckles. When we were all lotioned up they turned to each other to "fix." they really had a good time.

At one point during the morning we were playing outside and my cousins started to stop by. We had Mema and Pepaw, their daughter (my mom) Karen, then there was me with my girls. My cousin Dustin stopped by with his girlfriend and their two kids, then my cousin Dereck came by with one of his kids. Last was my cousin Casie. We had 2 Great Grandparents, 1 Grandma, 4 grandkids, and 5 great grandkids present at ome point.

The girls got worn out enough that they did take a nap. Then Mema, Pepaw, my mom, me , Maddie and Izzie went to Cracker Barrell for dinner. Tomorrow our plans include a picnic at Avalon, my uncles wedding facility.

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