Tuesday, February 1, 2011

M is for Monster

Today I decided to carry our Monster project out even further. I devised a schedule for the day with lots of activities and free play in there too. We started the morning off with "circle" time. I got out a calendar and we talked about the month, day, year, season and weather. We sang some good morning songs and then went into our first lesson of the day. I printed out a poem about a Mummy (monster!) and the girls had to circle the capital M's and underline the lowercase m's. Maddie was very meticulous about this. Izzie liked the exercise but she found ways to make it easier. Instead of underlining the two mm's together in mummy, yummy and tummy, she drew one big line!

After our worksheet letter lesson, I pulled out the play doh for them. I meant to bring out googly eyes and pipe cleaners so they could make monsters out of the playdoh but they got involved in their own play and I forgot to do that. We'll save it for another day. When they tired of playdoh, I moved onto a number/color/matching lesson. Or, more popularly known as color by number! I printed out a cute monster and I drew numbers all over him with a chart at the bottom for them to match. Maddie was super into this! She carefully looked at each number and matched it with the right color checking her work over and over. Izzie declared that the monsters nose should not be red! I told her if she wanted me to make another monster she could color it however she wanted, but this monster was a lesson and she had to follow the rules.

When they were done with the color by number project they wandered upstairs to play until lunch time. After lunch we sang a couple of monster songs and got our wigglies out singing every song we could think of. Then I had them pull out some of their manipulative, like the lacing cards and lacing beads. After that was story time and then off to nap! It was a full morning that's for sure. I'd like to do this type of morning more often but it did take a lot of planning on my part and that didn't even include anything over the top like major science/art projects!

 Maddie and Izzie

 Maddie and Izzie

 Maddie working on her worksheet

 Izzie concentrating.

 Maddie's finished sheet.

 Izzie's finished sheet.

 Maddie coloring by number.



 Izzie wanted to pose. By the way, she fixed her hair herself this morning.

Maddie and Izzie working with manipulative. I bought the circle rugs at Target and they were a great tool today to keep them mostly in place while reading stories and playing with their manipulatives.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Wow! I am sure that was a lot of work, but I know your girls enjoyed it. What great projects! You know I'm taking notes! :)

(And thanks for letting me know about the glue on the picture frames you made last week...I was wondering about that!)

JEM2011 said...

I have been following your blog for a short while ( I came across it from another blog that I don't think is around anymore) . I wanted to comment and tell you that you are so creative and that your two kids will be more than ready for preschool and or Kindergarten!