Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ketchup Smoothie (just kidding!)

We were only gone for three nights but I'm still finding it hard to get my groove back after visiting Mema and Pepaw this last weekend. Not to mention John was off yesterday so we were still in "vacation" mode when we got home. I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday instead of Tuesday and who knows what the actual date is! As of right now we have no plans for today although Melanie did just text me to see if I was interested in going to the mall with her. In theory that sounds like a good idea, but it would require getting dressed, getting the girls dressed and digging the stroller out of the garage. We don't use the stroller much anymore these days except for the rare day we spend strolling around a mall.

I think the overcast day has me wanting to stay inside and be cozy. Not to mention, my kitchen is fairly clean which always has me wanting to go in there and experiment. I do need be a little better about labeling. This morning I almost made the girls a ketchup smoothie! Eww! I had one bag of frozen pureed fruit and honey that I had in ice cubes and another bag of frozen homemade ketchup. I had completely forgotten about the frozen ketchup (which really annoys me considering I just made a new huge batch two days ago!) So this morning when Izzie asked me to make her a smoothie I pulled out two red ice cubes and threw them in the bottom of the magic bullet. But luckily I got a whiff of them and even frozen they most decidedly did NOT smell fruity. It took me a minute but then I realized it was ketchup. I think organizing my freezer needs to surface to the top of my to-do list.

Speaking of organizing... last night I won a 3 hour consultation for a home organizer at the PAMOM online auction. I have really been wanting to attack my art room and make it more efficient but I'm at a loss of where to even begin in there. Normally I wouldn't be one to hire an organizer but since I got a really good deal at the auction I figured, why not? I also won a swim class for one of the girls and 2 hours of Mike the Maintenance guy's services. I planned on hiring him soon to paint my stair well so the fact that I saved $30 on his services made my night. I also go the swim lessons for around $60 off, I think. I've never really participated in an auction before and I really got excited when someone and I got into a bidding war!

Well I have so much more to say and share, not to mention photos to upload, but I have been talked into going to the mall, so I better get the girls and I ready to face the outside world!

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