Thursday, February 3, 2011

I introduced Elmers Glue and we all survived

This is day three of our icebound-homeboundeness. For the most part the girls are doing fine. They have asked to go ride their bikes a couple of times, but just opening the front door a half inch changes their mind without me having to say no. I've punctuated the day with little lessons and project between bouts of free play. Sometimes it just takes me getting them started on something and then they take off in their own imagination. It just dawned on me that we haven't even brought out any new toys from the Christmas stash! Perhaps that will be something to do after naptime today! Oh, and when you get angry at your child before a huge ice storm hits do not yell, "If you do that one more time there will be NO tv for three days!!!" Because in the end you are just punishing yourself. Luckily we were able to make it through with no tv for entertainment and the punishment was lifted today. Not that we watch much tv anyway, but it is nice to have that 30 minutes of calm!

I've decided that the girls are ready to learn how to use glue, but I wasn't sure I was ready. I started with a couple of projects that used a glue stick, but today we moved onto Elmers glue. I'm glad to say that there is no glue on the furniture, walls or hair. And they did it with minimum supervision while I cooked lunch. There was also a tearing lesson. Funny how when they went on a book tearing rampage months ago (much to my horror!) they were tearing fine, but today when I was having them tear construction paper into little squares it took some specific instruction! But with the advice from my sister who is a teacher at a Montessori School, I cut thin strips of construction paper. I  had the girls tear int into pieces. Then we practiced making glue dots with the Elmers glue on a separate piece of paper. Then they got to make a collage. Some of their "dots" were more like puddles, but they did pretty darn good!

(Maddie's is on the left and Izzie's is on the right.)

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