Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday John!!

Today is my husband's 33rd birthday. The past few weeks and especially last weekend have been so hectic that he didn't really want to do anything super special for today. Usually every year I make him homemade chicken parmesan, his all time favorite food. But since we had Olive Garden on Friday, Patrizio's on Saturday and he had Pizza with the guys yesterday he is over Italian food for a few days! Now I've got to come up with something else special to make him.

After gymnastics I had the girls paint him a picture. I meant to do this about a week ago, but things got crazy and it never happened. Which also means I didn't get the frames for them either. My idea is to print out a photo of them, and use their painting as the mat. Then I'll frame it so he can take them to work, his desk is pretty dreary. I also had the girls make a handprint for him to use as desk art. I hope I didn't just add too much to his workspace!

We called John at work this morning and the girls got to sing him Happy Birthday over the phone. They are finally getting comfortable with talking on the phone to family. They are still very quiet about it, but at least they say words instead of just waving at the phone!

 Izzie about to start her painting.

Maddie starting hers.

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