Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner & Bowling... or not

John and I went on a double date tonight. It is fun to get out with other couples and (mostly) not talk about kids! We went to dinner with John's friend John and his fiance Carolyn. We met them at Olive Garden with plans to go bowling afterwards. We had a good time visiting, and I got to grill Carolyn about wedding plans. They've got a lot of it figured out but still are trying to debate where to go on their honeymoon. Which led to a fun discussion on vacations in general. Of course us girls were talking about beaches and horseback riding and cabin's in the woods. John and John went on about touring Egypt or Korea. Something about boys seems to have them turn away from the romantic aspect of a vacation and just be silly with it!

After dinner we headed to the bowling alley but apparently Friday is league night and the wait was extraordinary. We tried a second bowling alley with the same results so decided to just call it an early night with plans to get together again soon. I'm so glad John met Carolyn because now going out as a foursome is so much fun!

As for earlier in the day, the girls and I went to Kohls so I could buy some jewelry to match my dress for tomorrow night. I was a bit nervous taking them there because from previous experience the double stroller does not fit in their aisles. So I decided to try stroller free with them. I sort of feel like a mother duck with her flock behind me when I let them loose in a store. It can be quite nerve wracking even though for the most part they are really good. As long as they don't start dancing. That gets me everytime. If they start to dance or twirl they get SILLY and uncontrollable. It's hard to reign them back in once the sillies take hold. So I grabbed a cart with one child seat as we entered the building. My plan was that if one girl needed a time out I could put her in the cart. If both got crazy I could hold one and put one in the cart. I was a Momma with a plan! And sometimes that's all you need. They were terrific. They were looking at the jewelry with me, ohhing and awwing over each piece (one at a time, as specified by me!) and carefully matching where it went as they put it back to get their next piece. Then they started asking how much each piece cost. (Did I write about their money banks? I better go back and check.... but ever since they bought their first piggy banks money is very interesting.) One point Izzie picked up a bracelet and asked me how much it was. I absentmindedly looked at the price and told her. She then said, "It is very pretty, but it's too expensive." And then she put it up.

They were really getting into the shopping experience. Then I took them over to the little girl's section and they had fun with all the clothes. They of course wanted every outfit (they are my daughters!) But they were okay to leave with two little summer outfits each. It was a fun shopping experience. They did get a very small case of the sillies as I was checking out, but luckily I was able to usher them out the door and into the car before it got too crazy!

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