Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I haven't taken any pictures of this huge ice storm we've been living with the past two days, mostly because it doesn't look too impressive. Well, seeing a sheet of ice about a quarter inch thick on the road was pretty cool yesterday, but other than that it is just COLD. The high today was 20 I think and the low was 8, with windchill's in the negatives. Let's just say that we've all been tucked inside trying to stay warm. There was no more precipitation today, all the ice/sleet/snow happened yesterday.

This morning I woke up to facebook statuses all about power outages. At first I thought I must have slept through a huge storm or something. Then I found out that the energy companies across Texas were doing rolling black outs to conserve energy today. Somehow we managed to get lucky and our power never went out. Although our gas fireplace did go out at one point, which is still a bit of a puzzle to us. It's back on now though.

Most of the schools are closing again tomorrow for a third day in a row. I think that is unheard of for Texas. It is a big crazy. John is going to try to go into work tomorrow, but he's going to wait until the sun is up instead of going in at 6 am like he normally does. I still probably won't want to go anywhere tomorrow, but we are getting a bit stir crazy around here. I do have some art projects that I plan on bringing out for the girls to work on tomorrow though. The main one being making Valentines for our little Valentine's Day party we are going to on the 8th. I'm going to have the girls glue some hearts together and work on drawing M's and I's to sign their names.

It's hard to believe that this last weekend we were outside in short sleeves riding our bikes and now we are drinking hot chocolate, sitting by the fireplace with our fuzzy socks and trying to stay warm. That's Texas for ya!

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