Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boiled Toes

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming weekend! Tomorrow night John and I are going to go on a double date with our friends John and Carolyn. We're going to go to dinner and bowling. John and I used to go bowling once a week before the girls were born, now it's more like once a year! But whever we do get a chance to go we have a good time. Saturday morning we are going to the DFW Family Expo. One of my friends, Alison is working the Expo and I know I'll see lots of other people I know. It's supposed to be a cool event with lots of freebies and give-aways.

Then Saturday evening we drop the girls off at Nana's house and they are going to spend the night while John and I go to the PAMOM Gala and Silent Auction. I'm really looking forward to it since it's a Black & White Ball. Most people are going to be in cocktail attire but John and I are going to wear a ball gown and tux. It is a dress I wore for a Christmas party a few years ago and John bought a tux a while back too. Since we don't get much occasion to really dress up, the Gala is a fun excuse to go all out. I can't wait!

As for today, we just hung around the house and then Melanie came over with Madison and Sydney for a while. All four of the kids SWOOPED down on the Princess Castle collection that the girls have. Grandma and Grandpa bought them two castles for Christmas and I've bought two more. This has been a HUGE hit toy around this house**. The problem is that now there are three castles and one Tinkerbell "teapot" house. It is NOT a castle and all the kids were fighting over the three castles. No one wanted the teapot. I actually think it's a flower, but the girls call it a teapot. Anyway, that got smoothed over and all was good.

It's awesome to see the girls really start to play with their friends. The two Maddie's went upstairs to play for awhile with the dollhouse and Izzie and Sydney stayed downstairs to play together. That seems to a be a consistent pairing for the four of them. It's good to see that they are making their own individual friends within a group.

The only other news of the night is that I dumped boiling water on my foot tonight while cooking dinner. I'm okay, I was very lucky. I ended up with a very sore foot and spent the evening limping. Now it's settled down into two red spots and luckily they didn't even blister. My first thought was that I better be able to wear my fancy shoes to the Gala! Maddie was very concerned about me all evening and she kept giving me lots of hugs and kisses to make me feel better. She has such a sweetness about her, she always shows concern when others are hurt. Oh, and by the way... I didn't drop the noodles so dinner was saved!

**UPDATE: 4/7/11 About a month and half later from this original post. I would NOT recommend these castles. The two that I've bought (Ariel and Cinderella) now will not stay together. The hinge is very cheap and pops open at the barest touch. The Ariel castle all the turrets fall off constantly. The girls love this toy but it is more than frustrating for them that it breaks so easily. 

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