Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A bit of this and that

After last week where we were basically stuck in doors due to ice and snow, this week has already gone half by in a blur. Both Monday and Tuesday were insane crazy doing catch up from last week. Monday I had a chiropractor appointment before gymnastics. The only way that would work was for me to take the girls with me to the "back doctor" as they call him. They were really great! Both Maddie and Izzie just sat by patiently while he did the adjustment on my back and when we got in the car to leave Maddie said, "Momma, I was a very patient girl!"

My timing was off for the appointment so we had a bit of time to kill before gymnastics. I spontaneously stopped by a starbucks and bought them a cookie as a treat for being so good at the chiropractor. Then we went to gymnastics. That class flew by in no time and it was time to head home for naptime. Naptime was spent trying to catch up on a few household chores since my PAMOM board meeting was that night, being rescheduled from the week before.

Tuesday was equally as busy. We had a Valentine's Day Party at Melanie's house and I brought the desserts for the kids. I made chocolate covered bananas. I had to duck out for a quick appointment and I left the girls at Melanie's house during lunch so I didn't get to see the kids eat their bananas but everyone said they liked them. Tuesday evening I had my regularly scheduled PAMOM General meeting. Our speaker was a "Couples" therapist and the questions got interesting! I think most of the moms had a fun evening!

Today is ANOTHER ice/snow day, but after the past two days it's nice to be taking it easy at home. I've been battling a headache all morning so of course the girls were a bit more rambunctious than usual. But now they are sleeping peacefully for nap and I think I may join them. I've got a ton of pictures to sort through, and I will get caught up, but not right now.

Two more quick notes about my brother-in-laws. The first is that today is Chris's birthday, so a happy birthday to him! And the second is that my brother-in-law Cody has been in the hospital for two nights. Our thoughts are with him and we hope the doctors can find out what is wrong with him. He's been sick on and off for months. The girls and I have been blowing kisses in the air knowing that they will travel to Cody and make him feel better.

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