Friday, February 11, 2011

American Girl Lunch

I took the girls to lunch at the American Girl Bistro to celebrate Madison and Sydney's 3rd birthday. Two other girls, Campbell and Ireland came with their moms too this year. All the kids are in gymnastics together. The girls were excited because I told them we were going to a fancy lunch today and that they got to bring one of their babies. They of course chose Teddy and Bunny. My girls just aren't baby doll girls, but that's okay. Bunny and Teddy wore their best dresses for the occasion and they were both well behaved. Lunch was a big chaotic, but fun. The service was a bit slow. We didn't end up leaving until after three, but since we weren't in any hurry, it was all good. After lunch we wandered downstairs to admire all of the American Girl items. If you've never heard of American Girl it is a brand of baby dolls that is pretty spectacular in their detailing (and uh, pricing!) Although, I could see really getting excited over all the accessories and such that can go along with the dolls. Hum...Maybe I am glad that Maddie and Izzie really aren't into dolls afterall!

 Maddie and Izzie with Bunny and Teddy.

 Madison, Melanie, Sydney and Miriam.

 Love this cute photo of Madison!

 Izzie and Madison telling a secret behind the baby doll!

 Sydney, Madison, Maddie and Izzie (Check out this photo from last year!)

Maddie and Izzie playing with the strollers in the store.

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