Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Year Check Up

Maddie and Izzie getting ready to go to the doctor's. They are so big now and can put on their shoes with minimal help. Usually to check if it is the right foot or not.

Maddie and Izzie's three year appointment was today. It went great, no problems to report. It almost felt like bragging hour.
Doc: Do your girls know at least four colors?
Me: What, in English? They know all their colors in English, they probably know four in Spanish.
Doc: Do they drink milk?
Me: Yes, they drink raw milk at meal times.
Doc: Do they eat vegetables?
Me: Most of the time, but they don't eat every vegetable offered to them.
Doc: Do they eat chicken, beef or fish?
Me: Salmon is their favorite protein, but yes they eat chicken and beef too.
Doc: How is their counting?
Me: They can mostly count to 20 in English (Maddie skips 15 every time!) They can count to 10 in Spanish.
Doc: Do they recognize any letters, like their first initial?
Me: They recognize all the letters of the alphabet and know all of their sounds.
Doc: Do they run, jump, throw a ball? Are they starting to pedal a bike/tricycle?
Me: Oh boy do they run, jump and throw! They got bikes for their birthday and are already doing great at them!

So, yep the checklist went well. I'm sure there were a few other questions but I don't remember the entire list. Their weight and height are perfectly proportioned, being in the 75th percentile of the population for their height & weight right now. Which is good, it means they will be tall but not freakishly tall.

I always bring colors, magazines and books to appointments. I did forget bunny and teddy which was of course unforgivable. But we survived.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

This is great! Our girls have their two-year appointment tomorrow, and I hope it will go just as well. :)

I've always heard that you can double the height of a two-year old to gauge how tall she'll be in adulthood. My fingers are crossed that they'll both beat my 5'2"! :)

Sheri said...

Your girls are adorable! I have 2.5 yr. old identical twin girls and I had to laugh when I saw your girls putting on their shoes - we have a lot of matching pairs of shoes and once my husband helped them with shoes, but they were still not right. He said he had switched them, but since he had 2 left shoes, switching didn't do any good. We laugh that our girls could possibly have all 4 shoes on the wrong feet!

dittdott said...

In that case my girls will be 5'10! They were 35" at their two year check up.