Monday, January 24, 2011

Sub at Gymnastics

Today was a typical Monday for us. We got up at our normal time (which is right around 7 these days.) Had our normal breakfast (the girls are on a huge oatmeal kick.) And played with our favorite toys (this week our favorite toy is a small Dora castle and Princess castle with itty bitty characters to play in it.) Then it was time to get ready for gymnastics.

Today at class, Coach Steve and his assistant Coach Kalynn weren't there. Our substitute teacher was Coach Jon. It took the girls to warm up to him and I'm not sure Maddie ever did go near him, but they finally got into the groove of the class. Coach Steve has a very laid back attitude about class. The kids sort of do whatever they want, whenever they want. Us parents try to keep up and help them along. Every once in awhile Coach Steve shows a new skill. Coach Jon had a much more structured approach. We had circle time to stretch, then we did a circuit of jumping, handstands, cartwheels and toddler-style vaulting. After that we did some bar work. By the time we finished all of that, class was over. I like both styles. The structure is nice because I think they learn a bit more, but the freedom is nice because they get to do more without waiting a turn because some kids are on the trampoline while others are on the bar and others are on the mats, etc.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly with lunch, lesson (we worked on patterns again today), naptime and then we went over to Nanna's for an hour of playtime and visiting. Back home for a quick dinner and the dress up time. Soon it was time for bed and I spent the evening working on PAMOM work. I've got almost all of my expectant moms matched up with a mentor. It feels good to be "almost" caught up. As soon as you get caught up with it though, more expectant moms apply! But that's how it goes. Now, I'm headed to bed, so Night all!

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