Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stray Cat!

This morning I took the girls to Target for some miscellaneous items and then we went to my mom's house to visit and eat lunch. It was a fun morning out and about and we headed home just before naptime. When we walked in the house I thought I heard a cat fight and I was worried about Jake. I got the girls playing with toys and went to go find Jake. I found him in my bedroom and he was all puffed up and hissing like mad.

I immediately freaked out thinking that their was a stranger in the house. I was both wrong and right. There was a stranger, but not of the human variety. It was a strange dark grey cat. I whisked Jake away and locked him up in the art room so he wouldn't get further injuries. (He got a few clumps of hair torn out, but no other damage that I can tell.) I called John who told me to call animal control. That was a good idea so I gave them a ring.

A few minutes later Mr. Animal Control came in and I showed him to my room (which of course had laundry EVERYWHERE!) Luckily he saw the cat before the cat pulled a magical disappearing act on us. So much so that Mr. Animal Control was starting to think he imagined the cat too. Finally I convinced him that he was up in the box springs since ours are actually a hollow frame. By banging on the box springs the cat came out from under the bed and scaled the mini-blinds 3 times over. (It's a good thing I never got around to buying curtains!) Then he ran into my bathroom. Mr. Animal Control followed him in there and shut the door. What happened next sounded like a bar fight. There was hissing, crashing, banging and other unpleasant noises emanating from the room. At every crash I cringed a bit more, but finally I heard an, "AH HA! I got you!" from Mr. Animal Control.

So now the stray grey cat is off to the animal shelter and I hope he can find his owners. I posted a "Found Cat" on my facebook and on my neighborhood message board. I'm still a bit jumpy and my bedroom smells like a skunk since Mr. Animal Control's cage was used to catch skunks. And just yesterday I was thinking things were a bit boring....


Serendippity said...

I can't believe you didn't grab your camera and document the drama!!

MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

That is INSANE!!!

We have new neighbors a couple of doors down. They have a cat that likes to make his rounds, apparently. A couple of months ago, the girls saw him on the back patio, and at first they were excited. (They love our indoor cat and call her "Sissy"!) But when the cat jumped on the windowsill outside the den and meowed...which looked pretty evil from the inside with no sound...the girls FREAKED. It took about an hour for them to completely calm down. Gah!

Now I'll just be thankful he wasn't IN the house!!!