Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick Monster Puppet Craft

Izzie and Maddie showing off their puppets.

I wanted to kill some time before gymnastics this morning so I decided to do a quick craft with the girls. A few months ago during story time we did this rhyme about monsters on a hill. The girls really liked that rhyme and say it still months later. So this morning I quickly printed out a couple of monsters for them to color and then I just taped them on popsicle sticks I had up in the art room.

Here is the rhyme:

Two little Monsters sitting on a hill.
One named Jack and the other named Jill.
Run away Jack, Run away Jill.
Come Back Jack, Come back Jill. 

They enjoyed having little puppets to sing their rhyme to. Now, we are off to go to gymnastics!

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