Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pajama Day: Code Two

Izzie, Daddy, Momma and Maddie in our pajamas, CODE TWO*.

Sometimes in life you just need to give yourself permission to relax. That's how Pajama Days got invented in our household. But we take it a step further than some. We have three levels of pajama wearing. Here they are:

Code One: Light Pajama Day- This level you just stay in your pajamas most of the day. You still get your chores done like any other day though. If you have to run to the store you can get dressed, but when you get home, returning to your pj's is okay. This is when you just generally want to be comfy but still have stuff to get done.

*Code Two: Taken a lot more seriously, you have to stay in your pajamas all day. You can't go to the store unless it's an absolute must, and since you can't get too dressed up Walmart or Walgreens are usually the only places you'd want to show your face. Light chores are permissible, but logging a lot of hours reading books or watching tv is great. Cooking big meals is frowned on. This is a day to just take a deep breath and give yourself permission to relax.

Code Three: Mostly reserved for sick days or really stressful days, Code Three is the most serious Pajama Day. You don't get out of your pj's for any reason, except maybe a quick shower. Most of the day is spent in bed either reading or watching tv.

Does your family do anything like this? It's very relaxing for the whole family because expectations are just to enjoy each other and not worry about the unimportant stuff. Sometimes you have to plan ahead for Code Twos and put them on your calender. Code Three Pajama Days usually only happen if you don't take enough Code Twos in your life!!!

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