Sunday, January 2, 2011

New toys

Izzie and Maddie playing with the bouncy balls that I got with the gift cards Grandma Bettie sent the girls for their birthday & Christmas. I also got them dress up clothes, and doll accessories with the cards.

 Twin toes!

 I kept telling Maddie to bounce like a froggie on her ball. She informed me that frogs are green, not purple!

 Izzie playing vet with some of the dress up clothes I got from Grandma Bettie's gift cards.

 Vet Isabelle.

 Izzie and Maddie playing with their new dolls that Nanna got them for Christmas.

 Izzie, Maddie
 (Izzie, Maddie) Maddie was very intent on lining all the dolls up in row. She was getting frustrated because some didn't want to stand up.


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Stefany Simmons said...

Amanda, your girls are getting so big! Great looking family, girl! Happy New Year!! -Stefany (Huddleston) Simmons