Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maddie's Grapes

Maddie asked me for grapes for snack. I told her we didn't have any and that we'd have to buy some at the store next time we go. She asked me to write it down on my  list. I had a list of names on a pad of paper (people I had contacted for donations to PAMOM's Annual Silent Auction) and she told me to write Grapes on the list. So I did! But then I told her that she probably should put them on her list too, so we wouldn't forget.

They have a story about two rabbits named Max and Ruby. Max really, really wanted some Red Hot Marshmallow Shooters in the story. When he made scribbles on the page (his writing for Red Hot Marshmallow Shooters) the grocer couldn't read it and he didn't get them. At the end of the story he drew a picture of Red Hot Marshmallow Shooters and the grocer gave him some. Maddie right away said she wanted some red grapes so she went and found the red color and filled an entire page with grapes. Then later she said she wanted some purple grapes. Above is her picture of the purple grapes. She is very much into drawing things in groups or order. See how they are all lined up in rows? Izzie is free with her art, it's haphazard and spontaneous. Maddie is meticulous and organized with her art.

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Serendippity said...

THAT needs to go in the baby book for sure! Maddie's first grocery list. How cute!