Thursday, January 20, 2011


Izzie, Momma and Maddie.

I'm trying to incorporate a "lesson" time into our daily routine. I'd like to get even more structured with it, but right now I'm just trying to do it sometime in the morning when the girls attention span is the best. My lessons range from formal to very impromptu. I work with them on literacy skills, writing skills, science skills and math skills. We've scratched the surface with geography but haven't delved into that too much. I use worksheets (either printed off the internet, from books or handmade), I use toys, and even some set up lesson kits.

Today we took out two of their Melissa and Dough "toys" and used them for our lesson. First thing is we have to sit at the table and we work on good posture during our lesson. Seat in the seat and feet on the floor (or in cases when we are at the dining room table, feet reach towards the floor.) Even though they don't know it, sometimes posture, patience and organization is the "real" lesson of the day! The first toy I brought out was a Melissa and Doug word puzzle. They had to spell each word by putting the letter shapes in the holes. We sounded the words out and spelled them. Since their attention span was going strong, after we finished the word puzzle I pulled out their shape puzzle. We counted the pieces, we organized them on the table according to color and we learned that two triangles make up a square, among other things.

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