Saturday, January 15, 2011

John is home from Snowy Canada

Yay! John just got back from his latest business trip. This time he was in Canada where the temperatures were dipping to -19 degrees Fahrenheit. That's so cold I can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like. He said his breath would turn to ice on the inside of the windshield if he wasn't careful! And you had to defrost the snow carefully from the car or it would turn to ice and make it worse. But he said, it was beautiful. There was snow on every surface making the world sort of glittery and quiet. He brought Maddie a stuffed moose and Izzie a stuffed grizzly bear from his trip. I think he's started a "thing." Last time he brought back shirts from China and the girls were asking if Daddy would bring home a surprise this time too!

Maddie has been sniffly all day. She isn't feeling good, but not bad enough to slow her down either. So she is playing hard with Izzie (who is fine) and then she is crashing, since her energy level isn't one hundred percent. Both girls ended up sleeping 2.5 hours at naptime today they were both tired. I think the gloomy weather we've been having contributed to that. When they woke up from naptime, I was dealing with a horrible headache. We went to my moms for dinner, which I'm thankful for, because otherwise it'd probably have been a very thrown together leftover sort of dinner for us. Now they are tucked into bed alternately singing, talking and overall being way too rambunctious, but that's because Daddy came home and gave them a night night kiss... oh well, maybe, just maybe they'll sleep in in the morning!

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