Thursday, January 27, 2011

First time at the carwash!

What a fun filled day it was! Last night on a last minute Target run for dishwashing soap, I bought the Tinkerbell movie on a whim. Maddie, especially has really taken to her Tinkerbell dolls and coloring books so I figured we'd better start our Disney collection. While half of me hates the "Princess" obsession that girls have, I grew up Disney too, so it's an internal battle. I got to show the girls that I bought Tinkerbell right before bedtime and I told them we could watch it "sometime after breakfast."

Of course they heard "RIGHT after breakfast." So this morning they raced downstairs asking to eat leftovers from last night. They've NEVER wanted to eat leftovers for breakfast. I guess they didn't want me to take time to make them breakfast. They scarfed down their leftover homemade mac'n cheese and got comfy on the couch. Then they announced that they were ready for me to put Tinkerbell in. Well how could I say no to those cute faces all snuggled in the blanket on the couch with huge expectations all over their faces? I was thinking we'd watch it later in the morning after they'd had time to play a bit, but we go with the flow around here.

All three of us watched Tinkerbell at 8 am this morning. It's a cute Disney movie and I'm just excited that there are no scary parts. After the movie we got a call from Melanie saying that she was going to have an impromptu playdate at her house. We headed over. And boy did the girls play! I hardly saw them the entire time we were over at Melanie's house. Erin was also there with her son, Gabe. When it was time to go, Izzie was most definitely not done playing. But somehow we said our good byes and headed home for nap.

During nap, I went out and cleaned out the car. It needed it very, very badly. I don't know how it gets so full of stuff so quickly. Since all the clutter was removed, I thought it'd be fun to take the girls to the carwash after naptime. I had them pack up backpacks full of books, coloring books, crayons and one doll each and we headed out at 4:15. We didn't get home until 6:30! It was a long carwash. At this place, you drive through an automated carwash and then you get out and they detail the car. I forgot that you were in the car when it went in the auto wash part, so I didn't prep the girls very well. I had this huge cheery voice quickly trying to explain what was about to happen. Both girls were a bit scared and Izzie almost bust into tears, but both were very brave (as Maddie told me when we got out.) I think if it had lasted even one more minute Izzie would have lost it. Both girls said they were never doing that again.

But they did have fun in the lobby. It's a mostly empty room with two couches, two chairs and a coffee table. They first colored for a good long while, then read books for a nano second. The dolls were a flop. Then they started to get silly and wanted to jump on the couches. I was quickly losing control. I was able to reign them in with some song and dance. Luckily we were the only ones in the lobby. Finally my car was finished and we headed home for a quick dinner and bedtime.

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