Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dora the Explorer Science Kit

The past couple of days have consisted of Maddie getting over a cold, and me catching it. So far, Izzie and John haven't caught and we hope it stays that way. As far as colds go, this isn't horrible, mostly stopped up sinuses and a bit of a headache. A few sneezes for good measure. I really think our change in diet away from processed foods and eating healthy fats and probiotics has really contributed to less sickness and less severe sickness when we do catch something. I mean, Maddie had a runny nose for one and a half days. This time last year we had about 3 months of solid runny noses, it was horrible!

Sunday was a laze around the house day. It was drizzly, cold and overcast. I didn't go anywhere until the evening when I drove over to Mom's house to watch another episode of Alias. We are now in the last season. Mom and Chris had never seen it and I wanted to watch it all over again. So over the past year, I've gone over to their house every couple nights to watch an episode. It's a nice thing about having your mom eight minutes away! Anyway, just getting out that little bit on Sunday made me thankful we didn't have anywhere else to be that day! It was so cold and just ick outside.

Monday was gymnastics day. The girls did the balance beam yesterday, which they haven't done in awhile. Both Maddie and Izzie got brave and wanted to go on the tall beam. It hit about my shoulder height. Izzie walked down it for about five or six feet before she got scared, Maddie just stood on top of it very still. But both did great concurring their fear, since they were both nervous to get up so high! The rest of class went by in a breeze, I couldn't believe it when Coach Steve called for sticker and stamps, signifying the end of class.

Last night I went out with Melanie which was a needed get away. We haven't just hung out and visited in a while and it was fun to just not have any agenda and just walk a mall like I did when I was in high school. Melanie did have a few exchanges she was making, but other than that we just meandered a bit. Not to mention we found ourselves actually visiting with store clerks. Later we laughed, because there is no way to strike up a conversation with a store clerk when you have two kids in tow. One lady even told us, "Well, your done." It cracked us up... we were just that laid back and in no hurry.

This morning by 9:30 am the girls and I had already gotten dressed, eaten breakfast, watched a Signing Times Video, done half of a Dora the Explorer Science Kit that they got for their birthday AND played with playdoh. Now they are playing upstairs in the family room by themselves. Turning that room from a pool table room to a family room has already had huge benefits. They feel so independent up there. It's like their own little club house. Right now I have their legos, some play dishes, some stuffed animals, a few books and all of their noisy music instruments. They like to play music for their stuffed friends, read to them or have tea parties. It's a good imagination realm for them. I'm not sure yet what the rest of the day holds. I tend to play it by ear and see where the day will lead me.

 Maddie and Izzie playing shaving cream at the kitchen table.

 Maddie and Izzie. We spread it out and then practice drawing shapes and letters in it. It's a good way to wash the table too!

 Izzie coloring at Nanna's house. We went over for dinner when Daddy was out of town.


 Izzie on the balance beam, all by herself. This one is about a foot off the ground.

 Both girls love Coach Kalynn. They hang out with her all during class.

 Maddie was needing a little help balancing.

 Maddie about to jump from the trampoline into the block pit. The block pit had this huge mat in it yesterday, that the kids call a boat, since it floats on top of the blocks.

 Maddie and Izzie playing on the "boat."

 Izzie about to jump into the foam blocks from the swing.

On the way to stickers and stamps she found this cone and had to try it on!
 Of course Maddie had to try it too!

 Maddie getting out the pieces for her science experiment that John Chenault and Carolyn Wetters got them for their birthday.
 Izzie looking at her yellow test tube after putting in a fizzy color changing tablet.

 We had water and oil in the tubes and then we added a fizzy tablet. It was supposed to lava flow over, which it didn't, but the bubbles it made was still cool.

 Watching the bubbles form.

 Maddie showing off her project.

 Izzie showing her project.

Riple, Maddie and Izzie moved on to playing with playdoh when their science lesson was all done.

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Pretty girls! Thanks for contributing. Great story and you have inspired my kids with it.
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