Saturday, December 31, 2011


The weather the past two days has been unseasonably warm. As in the 70's. It has been AWESOME. We obviously took advantage of the nice weather to spend some time outside. The girls got scooters for Christmas and I threw them in the back of the van to take over to Nanna's big driveway so they could have an opportunity to play with them. They were having fun doing races up and down the driveway. Maddie wanted Nanna to count to 1-2-3-4-GO! Instead of the typical 1-2-3.

After scooting for a while we went to Jason's Deli for lunch. I wish they'd open one down the street from me, but it's probably better that there isn't one. After lunch we dropped Nanna and Popo off and came home for some 'quiet' time. The girls are officially done with naps, except for the occasional accidental one! But I am requiring them to go upstairs and play by themselves quietly for awhile each day to give us all some "alone" quiet space.

The other huge transition that has been going on around here is graduating the girls play area upstairs. I've been working for the past week to organize most of their toys upstairs. We are going to call their old toy room the "school" room. I'm going to do preschool at home, so I'm setting up the downstairs with a really great preschool set up. We have a reading nook, art supplies, manipulatives and more. It's a work in progress.

 Maddie and Izzie racing.

Izzie and Maddie

And speaking of graduating... the girls graduated from Kidz Gym 1 to Kidz Gym 2 at gymnastics. They've both mastered all the skills in level one so now we are moving up! I'm so excited for the girls and have really enjoyed watching their progress in gymnastics over the past year and a half.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sand box and Flip Video

For Christmas I got a Flip Video Player. I'm so excited about it because it is a super simple way to take short videos. This is a video of the girls playing with their new sandbox. A couple of years ago (I can't believe the girls are old enough for me to say a "couple of years ago!") Anyway, Popo made them an awesome sandbox. But we didn't research it right or put enough money into or something because it just didn't work. It became a giant litterbox. So we put a cover on it, but the sand got moldy. So we put a different kind of cover, but that ended up not working either. Now it is home to a family of field mice. We are going to convert the sandbox into a garden for the girls next spring. I'm sad it didn't work out because, the idea was great and I really wanted it to work out. But the girls really missed not being able to play in their sandbox so Grandma and Grandpa bought them a sandbox with a tight sealing lid for their birthday. I hope this one works out better because the girls are already enjoying it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ditt Dott Designs

I love sewing and for Christmas this last year I made a lot of my friends and family personalized name towels and decorative pillows. Now I'm ready to start selling them. The towels make great towels for the pool or even as nap blankets for daycare. I can put any saying or design you want on the personalized decorative pillows. I started a facebook page for now to display some of my examples at Please go "like" my page and consider ordering a towel or pillow!

The towels are $25 each.

 The pillows are $20-35 depending on the complexity of the design you want.

 This says: Grandma's House, Where cousins go to become best friends. Then it lists: Sammy, Maddie, Izzie, Sabrina, Lucy and Holly.

Mimi's house is where cousins go to become best friends: Macie, Alivia, Sydney and Madison.

Key Words: Personalized Pillow, Personalized Towel, Name Towel, Kid Towel

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Maddie to Izzie: Where is the Rapunzel doll you gave me?
Izzie to Maddie: I don't know, it's not my job to keep up with the things I share!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpas

 After we opened and played with our gifts from Santa, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to spend the day with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. There was food, lots of yummy food, there were gifts galore, laughs, and all around merriment.  Above is the most awesome Christmas Village that mom-in-law puts up almost every Christmas. It's amazing looking.

 The kids led into the room with all their gifts, each grandkid has a pile.

 Apparently it took 3 dads to put together (or play) with Sammy's racetrack.

 I made the cousins these name towels for Christmas. Sabrina and Julie are looking at hers.

 Maddie and Izzie cuddling with Aunt Julie.

 Grandpa bought Grandma one share of stock in the Greenbay Packers. This made Grandma very, very excited.


 Just hanging out in between gifts and food.

 Lucy and Sabrina are watching John play on the computer.

 My little niece Holly.

This morning Izzie and Maddie were very excited to try out their new scooters from Grandma and Grandpa. I told them to go get dressed warm and this is what they put together. Oh well, they liked their scooters. Izzie picked up on it right away and was zooming along. Maddie took a bit longer but she got the hang of it quickly enough!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Morning.

We had so much fun this Christmas morning! The girls were so excited to see if Santa came. Well Izzie was anyway. She actually slept until 6:45 and crawled up in bed with us. Fifteen minutes later she was begging to go wake up Maddie so we said okay. Daddy went down the stairs first to see if Santa had come and turn on the Christmas tree lights and the girls and I headed down the stairs. Sure enough Santa had come and gone leaving a bunch of presents and his reindeer even made a mess of their food on our coffee table! Next year we should leave Santa a note that says No Reindeer in the house!

The girls were excited about  all their presents but they really liked that Bunny and Teddy got a present too. They also opened the presents that they bought for each other. Izzie picked out a miniature tea set for Maddie and Maddie bought Izzie a mini pillow pal. They kept hugging each other and saying thank you to each other. Now they are playing on the drum that Santa brought them. I'm beginning to suspect that he should have brought two, but I think after awhile they'll be okay with sharing.

In a bit we'll head over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to exchange presents with them and the aunts, uncles and cousins. This is a fun process that takes most of the day, because we have lots of breaks to eat, play and just enjoy the day!

 Coming down the stairs with Izzie and Maddie.

 Izzie looking at her Crayola toys.

 Daddy getting the drum out for Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie and Izzie showing off the new outfits that Bunny and Teddy got

 Those messy reindeer!

 Santa carrying on the tradition of fruit in the toe of the stocking. A reminder to eat your fruits and veggies!

 Izzie even wrote Maddie's name on the gift she gave her sister.

 Maddie wrote Izzie's name too. (She's holding it upside down.)

Izzie and Maddie watching Daddy open the drum.

Trying it out.

Santa Came!

Santa came and wow did the girls make out this year! Art sets, new pajamas, a drum, a motorhome for their doll house, blocks, stickers, bathtoys, movies and puzzles! This is the photo before the girls see what Santa brought them. He even brought Bunny and Teddy a new outfit!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

 Last night we took the girls to go look at Christmas lights with Hot Cocoa. Luckily I'm pretty sure Santa is giving them new nightgowns for Christmas because as you can see they are down to some misfits... but that is okay! Izzie and Maddie asked if Teddy and Bunny could come along to see the lights so we said sure.

 This was our favorite house to drive past. As we drove along, Maddie would say, "Oh that house is SO Beautiful." To every house that had lights up!

 This afternoon in Church. I took a few photos before the service started. This is Sabrina, Izzie and Maddie. They did really good, but both girls were very ready for the service to be over by the end! Even so, the choir is always one of their favorite parts.

 Sabrina giving Izzie a hug.

 Nanny's pretty tree.

 Ta-da! Traditional Christmas Eve Nightgowns from Grandma and Grandpa.  Izzie and Sabrina have matching gowns and Maddie is the purple one.

 Grandpa with his Christmas hat.

 Me and my sweetie.

 Sabrina, Izzie and Maddie opening presents from Great-Great Aunt Betty in Wisconsin. So sweet of her to send the kids presents!
 Grandma handing out gifts.

 Izzie and Maddie opening their gift from Nanny. They love the princesses!

 Weldon and Nanny.

Izzie being a cutie pie.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Got me!

The girls turned one around on me! I told them earlier that there was NO way Santa was bringing them presents if their toy room was that messy. I said to them, he'd come down that chimney and say, "these girls have too many toys" and leave. As I was tucking the girls in for the night, they said... "Momma, you better clean your kitchen or Santa won't bring you a new blender!"

They got me!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Pictures

 Christmas Tree with Presents!

 Dancing to the 12 Days of Christmas. A tradition in our family. We always sing as much as we can remember every year before opening gifts. Pepaw always grumbles and Mema always reminds us by saying, "Remember how you used to sing that song all the way through just to annoy me?" That's our reminder to start it up! This year we made it all the way to 11 before we forgot the words. It's so much fun. The girls were dancing and everyone was having a good time.


 My sister's boyfriend Dylan, Izzie and Maddie.

 My hubs and I.

 Rhonda bought mom a HUGE cobalt blue flower pot. We told her to close her eyes so we could bring it out. Mom LOVES cobalt blue anything and this was such a pretty pot!

 She was so happy to see it!

 Pepaw and Rhonda. Mom bought her a necklace that said, "Just Breathe" on it. Perfect for my sis!

 Izzie and Maddie got a map of the United States from Nanna and Popo. Daddy is helping them put it together.

 I made Pepaw and Dylan Reinbeers. It tickled me to no end knowing that these guys would drink beer from a girl-y beer bottle.

 Dylan opening his Reinbeer.

 Mema and Pepaw checking out the 3D feature on our new TV. It was pretty funny watching them watch 3D.

Not pictured was the feast that the women put together. We made turkey, green bean casserole, dressing, brussel sprouts, rolls and a fail apple pie. We had such a great time working together in the kitchen. It was just so much fun having family hang out and having such a great time in my home. I thought hosting Christmas would stress me out, but it didn't. I loved every single moment of the day, it was one of the best Christmas celebrations I've had in a long time!

 Totally random, but wanted to put these up here. I made these cute personalized pillows for a friend to give to her mom and mother-in-law for Christmas. I hope to make/sell more of these!