Friday, December 31, 2010

Wait! What happened, the year is already over?

This is always a hard post! Trying to think back at all the fun we had in 2010. It was a busy, fun filled year. We were on the go a lot, from vacation in a four-van caravan across the country, to playdates, puppet shows and story times. There was a lot of snow in the beginning of the year and of course a lot of heat in middle. We went from toddlers with pacifiers to being "almost" potty trained.

As for myself, it's been a year about food discovery. I've spent the first part of the year frustrated with my health and the second part learning what I could do about it. I discovered the Real Food Movement and am learning to leave all processed foods behind in favor of real healthy foods. It's been a huge part of my life the past few months, learning how to make foods that my great-great grandmothers probably made in their kitchens and getting back to basics. I didn't get to go on the second vacation that I wanted to go on with John, but we are making that a priority in 2011. On our house, we half finished the master closet out, bought a new kitchen table and we are in the progress of turning the game room into a family room (removing the pool table and we bought a couch.)

Here is a recap of some of my favorite times:

The girls went to their FIRST gymnastics class!
The Paci Fairy came to visit us.
This is one of my favorite toddler learning moments. The Heavy Banana.

I decided to become Vice President of PAMOM.
It snowed, ALOT.
The girls started cooking in the kitchen with me.

First Pigtails
I hosted a Pampered Chef party.
It snowed, AGAIN.
Sometimes, hanging with family was just fun.

Identical, but distinct
The girls cooked their first meal all the way through (with lots of help!)
I started learning more about REAL food.
Cousin Lucy turned ONE!

Visiting Mema for Mother's Day
Officially the Vice President of Helping Hands for PAMOM!
Izzie got SEVEN stitches!

Our Wisconsin Cross Country caravan starts!
One of our favorite days in Wisconsin.
Our first swim class.

First trip to the dentis.
Making cookies with Daddy.
Interview with a TV show!
Maddie and Izzie spent the day at Grandma & Grandpa house.
Trip to the Farmer's Market with Nanna and Popo.

Enrolled in Gymnastics Classes.
A favorite photo.
A huge milestone for a Mom of twins: Shopping stroller free!

Science Museum with Daddy.
Yep... they were two... and being terrible.
But I LOVE them so much!
We logged a lot of storytime hours and did a ton of crafts this year!

When the weather was nice, you'd find us out at a park.
Pumpkin Patch of 2010!
Family vacation at the Cabin
Trick or Treat!

John went to Hong Kong
Fun in Muenster, Texas
They loved visiting Daddy at Work.

John made the girls their first computer
Our very last story time at Rita Smith Public Library (it's moving locations in 2011)
Picture with Santa
Turning THREE!
First Birthday Party with Friends.
Dana & Cody announce that they are expecting a baby!

Well that was our year, and it was a great one. Here's to another terrific year in 2011!

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