Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visiting Santa on my Birthday

We took the girls to see Santa Claus at the PAMOM annual Holiday Party. At first they thought it was Christmas, but then they knew it was my birthday. So they asked me if I got to see Santa for my birthday. I said this year, we are going to see Santa on my birthday, but my birthday isn't Christmas. As we were getting ready they said they were going to tell Santa what they wanted for their birthday. That's the trouble with December birthdays! And with theirs being only 5 days before Christmas I'm sure it is even more confusing!

We got to the Holiday party early because I want to be in the line right away. I knew from last year that Santa line gets long, even though it is nothing like waiting in a mall line. The girls were very excited to see Santa and they reassured us that, yes, they were going to sit in his lap and talk to him. But when they saw him, they both got shy. At least there was no tears this year! Izzie agreed to sit in his lap but Maddie ended up sitting on my lap for the photo. The line we ended up waiting in was the balloon clown line. It got very long and even though Zoe the Clown was twisting those balloons as fast as she could we still ended up waiting about 45 minutes. We decided to to wait in the face paint line or the craft line. The girls wanted to go in the bounce house! So we went outside to where the bounce house was, but the generator was loud and it scared the girls. Not to mention it was pretty crowded too. Then Maddie popped her brand new purple balloon doggie that she waited almost an hour for. That was really sad. When you add that to the loud generator, and the crowd of kids, they ended up having a MELTDOWN. We had to leave the party with both girls crying. Overall the party was okay, but it was too small of a venue and ideally we need more booths to thin the lines a bit. But since it's a free event, it was pretty good.

Last night was John's company Christmas party. This year it was at a Stars Game. We got a suite and a buffet of sorts. I actually don't mind watching hockey live, it's kind of fun to try and figure out what is going on. John was explaining the rules to me. At the holiday party each year John's company gives out some sort of prize that we get to draw envelopes for. In the past, the prizes ranged from $50 gift cards to airline tickets. Tonight the big prize an iPad and the minimum prize was $100, not too shabby! John let me draw his envelope and I got lucky! I WON THE iPAD!! WOO HOO! I'm so excited. I was really wanting a tablet pc and I was waiting for the Android ones to come out. I have an android phone so it made sense. But the iPad is nice too, don't get me wrong! So I'm super excited to get one, especially since when we found out the price of the android ones we decided it was too expensive for us right now. I don't get the iPad until sometime next week because it got delayed in shipping, but it was still so much fun to win. We had a lot of fun visiting and hanging out with his co-workers. I got to give Lance a hard time when I found out he won't change his daughters diaper. Poor Lauren. When he practically dared me to blog about it, well...

It was a good birthday, spent causally with my hubby and my girls. Mom got me some gifts from Williams-Sonoma and somehow when I see that bag, I don't even care that it isn't wrapped! It's exciting just to see the bag! John bought me my dehydrator that I got a bit early (free shipping if we bought it when we did!) and I've been having fun making homemade cereal, dried fruit, and crispy nuts. I can't wait to try out some other things with it too. Yesterday I even re-crisped some homemade cheese crackers that had gotten soft. Melanie got me a canning set and a canning cookbook, so now I've got no excuse to start learning how to make jam!

I got a million birthday wishes on Facebook and that was fun to check my email throughout the day and see all the well wishes. Thanks to everyone who called, texed or messaged me, it really was a fun birthday!

 John and Izzie
 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie.
 The guys and their girls. Madison, Garrett and Sydney. Maddie, Daddy and Izzie.
 Maddie got very bored waiting in line for the balloons, but I LOVE this photo!
 More waiting in line. The cute kids standing next to Izzie and Maddie are some of the Cox Quads, they've gotten so big!! They are almost two years old.

 Izzie showing me her teddy holding a heart.

 Zoe the Clown handing Maddie her purple doggie.
Picnic in the corner with Daddy.

Pictures of Santa should come soon, and I'll post pics of the game last night later!!!


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urafatlazypieceofsht said...

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